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June 17, 2021 (Updated: February 10, 2023)

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Newsletters are a great tool for communicating with your customers. If you’re wondering how to write a newsletter sample, check out these newsletter types and popular samples for inspiration.

Types of Newsletters

There are many types of newsletters that you may choose from to use for your business. Reviewing a few of the options might give you the inspiration that you need for making your very own newsletter, or ideas on how to improve your existing one.

Business Newsletters

Business newsletters can take many forms, but a business sample newsletter template will usually focus on one of the following:

  • A particular type of business, IE. the finance industry.
  • An aspect of running a business, IE. marketing.
  • An individual company.

If you’re writing a business newsletter for the purpose of informing readers about your organization, you will need to specify your purpose further and determine whether you’re writing this newsletter for customers and clients outside the company or if you’re writing it for employees who need updates within the company.

These newsletters face the challenge of staying crisp and professional while still engaging audiences. Business topics can be dry, but your newsletter needs to pop or it simply won’t get opened. Make sure your headlines are engaging and your text is brief and to the point, linking out to longer blog content, so your readers don’t get lost in too much jargon.

Real Estate Newsletters

Property listings are one of the most common features of real estate sample newsletter templates. However, you may also want to diversify your content in this type of email. Real estate newsletters can deliver updates on the local real estate market, industry trends, neighborhood news and events, tips for buying and selling, financial advice, and more.

While your primary goal as a real estate agent is to sell homes, you also need to establish yourself as an authority in your area. Feature content that clearly highlights your expertise. Let your customers know that you’re equipped to help them with everything, from identifying the latest kitchen features, to finding neighborhoods that are positioned where it will better suit their lifestyle. Adding unique pieces on these topics can help your newsletter stand out from those that are exclusive to property listings.

Wellness and Health Newsletters

Health and wellness are overwhelmingly popular topics. The wellness tourism industry is growing twice as fast as general tourism, and the global wellness economy was valued at $4.2 trillion in 2018, and it’s most likely over five trillion by now. Whether your company sells energy bars, gym memberships, health insurance, or yoga pants, you can engage your customers effectively with a newsletter focused on health and wellness topics.

Fact-checking is important for any type of newsletter, but this is twice as important when you’re writing on these topics. If your advice isn’t medically sound or backed by fact, you should be very careful about how you phrase it.

Inspiring imagery is especially effective in this type of newsletter, so include plenty of photos that will grab the reader’s attention and serve their desire to pursue better health.

Monthly Newsletters

A monthly newsletter gives you relatively infrequent contact with your customers while still providing a touchpoint where you can check in. You’ll likely post to your blog and social media accounts far more frequently, so your monthly communication should feature just the best of the best when it comes to your content. Consider highlighting the best-performing article of the month, your employee of the month, and a monthly featured product. The frequency of a monthly newsletter allows you to make a bigger deal out of the items and topics that you feature, since you’re only delivering 12 a year.

Retail Industry Newsletters

Retail newsletters are all about landing sales and delivering a little bit of the shopping experience to the reader’s inbox. For most companies, a highly visual approach is best. Include eye-catching images of your latest products in gorgeous photo layouts. Report on the latest trends and include tips and tidbits on how shoppers can best use your products.

Make sure your branding is apparent in all aspects of your newsletter, from the logo at the top to the color and typography selection throughout. The more you can mimic the experience of walking through your store or scrolling through the website, the better, so you can seamlessly lead the reader into doing just that, and making a purchase.

Sign-Up Newsletters

Your sign-up newsletter is a special stand-alone email that’s different from the rest of the newsletters that you’ll send out. This is the message that new subscribers receive as soon as they choose to sign up for your mailings. You may automate your newsletter software to simply send out your most recent newsletter as the initial sign-up newsletter, or you could design something different that will introduce readers to your publication and let them know what kind of content you offer. This is your first introduction to the subscriber, so it’s important to offer a warm welcome.

Nonprofit Newsletters

As a nonprofit, it’s important to let your newsletter subscribers know what you’re up to. These supporters may have invested their time, effort, or funds in your organization, and they want to know that their investment was used properly.

Classroom Newsletters

Classroom newsletters provide a valuable source of information for students and their parents. These can include a wealth of information in a neat, organized package that helps everyone stay up-to-date with the latest. Some common elements in a classroom newsletter include:

  • Upcoming events.
  • Information on class projects.
  • Reminders of items to bring to class.
  • Details on tests or assignments.
  • Reminders about behavior standards.
  • Awards announcements.

You may also include links to articles, blogs, and other content that’s useful for parents and students in your class. This might include supplemental videos and web pages related to topics that you’ve recently taught in class, or articles for parents on, for example, how to help their children improve their literacy, or effectively study math facts.

College Newsletters

College newsletters are similar to classroom newsletters, but they have a much broader scope. These will typically highlight the latest campus events, important reminders, distinguishing awards, and scholarship announcements. College newsletters can also include a selection of articles written by students. The school newspaper may transition into the school email newsletter.

Consider the audience for your college newsletter and the CTA that you want to emphasize the most. Are you writing to current students and encouraging them to get involved in campus activities, or are you focusing on prospective students and helping them learn to navigate their options for majors, dormitories, and extracurricular activities? You may have multiple newsletters to manage, especially if you have a large campus, so make sure the purpose of each is clearly defined.

Fashion Newsletters

Fashion newsletters are among the trendiest emails that you might build. These need to have a cutting-edge feel and absolutely must be heavy in graphic appeal. Fashion is much easier to see than to read about. This is the perfect industry for trying edgy topics and pushing the boundaries. Like art, fashion is highly subjective, and you’ll never appeal to everyone, so it’s not worth trying. Decide on a style or approach, be confident in your stand, and make a big statement with this publication.

While your newsletter will certainly be visually heavy, make sure you offer useful information as well, such as links to sites where readers can buy the outfits they’re looking at or articles on how to style that beguiling scarf. As always, define your CTA and make it easy to understand and follow through on.

Holiday Newsletters

Holiday newsletters have a place in nearly every industry. You may offer advice on how businesses can best market their wares through the holiday season, provide recipes for upcoming gatherings, or highlight the apparel in your clothing line that’s perfect for a seasonal party.

When you’re writing a holiday newsletter, it’s important to consider your audience and the types of holidays that they may celebrate. If you’re in a religious industry, you can include scripture or spiritual stories. In industries that aren’t directly related to holidays, you may want to take a broader view of the season or simply send newsletters that are inclusive of all holidays. These newsletters are perfectly poised for coupons and seasonal sale announcements.

Event Newsletters

Event newsletters are among the easiest options when it comes to defining your CTA. You simply want your readers to attend. Event newsletters are essential for any type of major happening. If you’re hosting a festival, conference, or another multi-day event, you may even want to design a full series of event newsletters that gradually release more information as the big day approaches.

An event newsletter is the perfect way to expand on the details that attendees might miss when they purchase their tickets. You can elaborate on the menu, dress code, schedule, lodging options, nearby attractions, and more. Readers should get all of the information they could need to fully enjoy the occasion.

Email Newsletter Examples We Love Getting in Our Inboxes

The best email newsletters feature a thoughtful balance of informational content, intriguing photos, and clean organization. It’s often easier to understand what a great newsletter is by looking at a newsletter sample article or full newsletter rather than just reading about these topics. The following samples include some of the best newsletters out there for communicating with customers, sharing information, and promoting brands.


1440 serves more than 300,000 subscribers, sending out a daily briefing of the top news scoured from more than 100 sources. Clean, efficient, and streamlined, this newsletter gets right to the point.


Highly visual, this newsletter sample is a delight to skim through. It blends imagery of inspiring destinations with the gear you’ll need to explore them which is the perfect approach to inspiring shoppers to click through and make a purchase. This is a great example of a successful retail newsletter that recipients will enjoy getting.

Really Good Emails

It’s hard to do much better than an email about emails. This newsletter delivers a selection of the best emails you wish you had in your inbox. This newsletter sample offers all the inspiration you could need to learn how to improve your sample newsletter.

Austin Kleon

Over 85,000 subscribers receive this friendly newsletter that’s neatly organized into a numbered list of key points. It’s quick to digest and features an eye-catching link to the author’s book that comes off as more friendly than pushy, making the CTA easy to digest.


For visual appeal, you can’t do much better than the gorgeous imagery in Starbucks’ newsletter. It’s almost impossible to close the message without craving coffee. This newsletter sample offers great inspiration for anyone who wants to make a common, well-known product still look inspiring and enticing.

National Wildlife Federation

This newsletter delivers key updates in a visual format that perfectly balances images and text. Bold banners make the CTAs impossible to miss.


This newsletter simplifies fashion marketing with clean lines and well-defined boxes, making it easy to digest at a glance. This is a great newsletter sample for anyone in the fashion or retail industries.


Away features product marketing at its best. Each issue showcases a different feature of their product line, gradually expanding the reader’s knowledge of their products and making purchases more enticing.


Punchy paragraphs deliver the day’s news in a slim, simple format in this newsletter. If you want to say a lot in a little space, this is the way to do it.


This adorable newsletter makes a comic strip of the content, proving that product advertising can be engaging, exciting, and playful at once.

If you’re looking for assistance crafting great content for your newsletter, CopyPress can help you develop the posts and articles that you need to catch the reader’s eye and pull them through to your webpage.

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