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March 23, 2021 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

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Do you have a niche you could use for a blog? A niche blog is a great way to offer users valuable content and generate revenue. When you create content and want to appeal to specific industries, geographic areas, age groups, ethnic groups, or any other demographic, this is considered niche marketing. Niche marketing and blogging aren’t new concepts, though combining these two concepts into one to create a niche blog is a more modern concept.

What Is a Niche Blog?

A niche blog is a blog that is created to appeal to a specific niche market. When you have an idea of the market you want to zero in on, a niche blog is an excellent tool for you to use. This type of blog can pitch sales but mainly focuses on providing users with useful content and raising brand and product awareness. Niche blogs rely heavily on revenue from pay-per-click advertising and other forms of income, thus requiring them to have content that is valuable to the niche they are catering to.

Types of Blogs That Make Money

A blog by itself doesn’t make money but instead provides a platform for pay-per-click advertising and affiliate links. A successful blog, generating a steady flow of users, utilizes advertising and links to create income for the owner of the blog. When you run a blog that focuses on a particular niche market, whether it be a group of people or an industry, your income will come from vendors in this same area of focus.

Your revenue will depend on the flow of traffic to your blog. Successful niche blogs have two critical types of content for growing and maintaining that flow of traffic. Evergreen is one type of content to consider when blogging. Evergreen topics are always relevant and have a long life span. This type of content is more competitive to write about, but it will offer you more stability. Because a person’s interest in these types of topics doesn’t fluctuate, evergreen content can be easier to use and keeps readers coming back for more.

Trending content is a second option to consider using in your blog. It doesn’t have as much competition but isn’t as stable as evergreen content. Journaling trends or fad diets, such as the Keto diet, may be trendy at the moment but will fade with time. This results in trending topics having a shorter life span. The popularity of trendy subjects will rise and fall, but a blog about the Keto diet may persevere for a couple of years before its popularity completely fades.

If you choose to use trending content for your blog, a lot of research is necessary to find trends on the rise. You will want to use this information to select a topic just as its popularity begins to grow. By taking this approach, you will be ahead of the curve, allowing you to maximize your revenue stream for the life of the topic or niche. One resource is Pinterest, which provides a trends report every year that can help you identify the most popular blog topics to use for an upcoming season.

A few examples of the types of blogs that make money include:

  • Sewing: Some say sewing and knitting have become lost arts, but more people sew than you may think. This skilled trade is typically passed down from one generation to the next, but plenty of people are eager to learn. Products and materials for this niche are boundless.
  • Parenting: Though all kids aren’t the same, many parents face the same challenges when raising children. Providing parenting tips and other useful information on this topic can quickly grow blogs focusing on this niche.
  • Health: Who doesn’t want to be healthier? There’s a large market out there for health and wellness with plenty of products, workout programs, and cookbooks promoting health.
  • Lifestyle: Your niche could fall under the lifestyle category with markets such as pet lovers, food, and clothing.
  • Frugal Living: Everyone wishes they had a better grasp on their finances. Frugal living topics address budgeting, savings, and investments.
  • Home Decor: Home decor is ever-changing and includes products such as furniture, drapes, and flooring.
  • Newborn: Newborns are precious and expensive. Parents of newborns may be interested in a variety of products, such as bottles, strollers, clothes, and more.

Whichever type of content you decide to use for your niche blog, remember that evergreen is more stable, and trending is riskier. Also, remember that trending has less competition than evergreen. Both types of content can be profitable, ultimately boiling down to your personal preferences and the niche you are trying to reach.

What Types of Blogs Make the Most Money?

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Before you create your niche blog, you can benefit from researching what blogs make the most money and if any of those are related to your niche. The blog types that make the most money may fluctuate slightly but remain reasonably stable. A few of the most profitable blog types to consider are:

  • Craft/DIY: If you’re a creative person with skills rooted in working with your hands, a blog about crafts and DIY projects could be your niche.
  • Finance: Are you good with money? Do you budget? Do you have an investment portfolio? Your niche may be managing finances if you have answered yes to these questions.
  • Health: Whether it’s overall health or fitness routines, there are those who feel the same as you. If you are a health fanatic and strive to be the best you can be, this niche market has a vast following to tap into.
  • Pets: Whether it’s cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, or any other type of pet, this market is overflowing with potential users looking for the next trend for happier and healthier pets.
  • Food: We all have to eat, so there is no shortage of people looking for recipes, restaurant reviews, cooking tips, and more. If food is your passion, share that passion with a niche blog all about food.
  • Parenting: As long as there are kids, there will be parents. If you are an experienced parent with knowledge to share, parenting tips may be the niche you have been looking for.
  • Travel: Not everyone gets to travel the world. If you have and are looking to share your experiences, there are those who are waiting for you to make a suggestion that may influence their next family vacation.
  • Green and Sustainable Living: Have you successfully created a haven of sustainability and lowered your carbon footprint? Would you like to help others learn how to achieve similar goals? Share your experience and help make the world a better place for future generations.
  • Business: Have you created a successful business that continues to grow and prosper? Many people wish they were their own boss. Your experience and knowledge could be crucial for others looking to start a business.
  • Fashion and Beauty: Do your friends and family compliment your fashion sense or your hair and makeup? Are you always up to date when it comes to what is trending in fashion? Use your passion for these things to guide others in what is fashionable.

Ideas for Niche Blogs

There is a world of blog niche ideas for you to explore when deciding what your blog topic will be. You can choose many niches to blog about or only a few. Take a look at these examples in the following blog niche list for inspiration:

  • Music.
  • Sports.
  • Political.
  • Personal.
  • Entertainment.
  • Car.
  • Tech.
  • Freelance business.
  • Writing.
  • App reviews.
  • Painting.
  • Web development.
  • Relationship advice.
  • Bodybuilding.
  • Yoga.
  • Relationships.
  • Family and home.
  • Education and career.
  • Social networking.
  • Hobbies.

Your niche should be one that you have experience in and knowledge about. Once you have found your niche, share your expertise with the world. This will benefit those who are in your niche market and generate a revenue stream for you.

Best Blog Niches 2021

2021 is proving to be an excellent year for blogging, with many different niches represented. Let’s breakdown a few of the best blog niches for 2021.


Technical blogs have fared well in recent years, and 2021 was no different. Technology is continually advancing, and people want to be in the know. If you are a techy person who impatiently waits for the release of the latest in tech and gadgets, this may be your niche. Hardware, software, gaming, and entertainment are only a few of the many tech topics you can blog about.

Digital Marketing

One of the most trending professions in 2021 is digital marketing. With the rapid increase in digital space and the advancement of technology, job opportunities in this field have exponentially increased. With such an increase in jobs comes the inherent need to learn more about the field. This is where a digital marketing blog comes into play, providing valuable information about the topic for those wanting to increase their knowledge base.


Movie and music blogs are essential to life as we know it. Both of these topics play a significant role in everyone’s life, and there is plenty to write about with this niche. New movies and music are always on the horizon, giving you lots to write about. If you are a movie or music buff and love reviewing this kind of content, you can create a blog where people go to learn about all the latest releases.


Personal development blogs may be one of the most underestimated niches to blog about. Today’s world has become extremely competitive in all aspects of life, and people are continually seeking ways to improve. If you have expertise in a particular field, you can blog about ways of growing in that field. These types of blogs help people with leadership and public speaking as well.

Similarly, life coaching blogs make for a profitable niche. With all of the pressures of finances, marriage, parenting, and society’s general competitive nature, people are hungry for better ways of handling anxiety and stress. If you are a life coach, you can blog about techniques for alleviating the stressors of life. You can also share knowledge of managing time, goal setting, leadership skills, and learning a different way of thinking.

Current Events

News blogs are always trending, with a never-ending supply of content for you to write about. People want to stay in the know but may not have the time to keep up with everything that’s happening in the world. If you are a news junkie, you can create a blog where users can catch up on current events, political news, and other important things going on in the world all in one place. A news blog also allows you to share your opinions and gain a following of like-minded users who will share your blog with others, quickly growing your community.

Family Life

Do you love to plan for family activities? Are you always finding the latest in family fun? If so, writing a family activity blog could be the niche for you. People are always searching for activities that are fun for the whole family. This blog niche applies to those who are just starting a family and seasoned parents with older kids. There are so many different avenues to write about regarding family fun, such as outdoor and indoor activities.

When you are an expert or have life experience about a specific niche, sharing your passion, knowledge, and experience can help others better themselves. Not only is this a benefit to countless others, but it also motivates you to be the best you can be. You can also make money while blogging about topics you are passionate about through affiliate links, pay-per-click advertising, and partnering with vendors whose products or services are directly related to your niche blog. Discover your passion, connect with others, and earn a profit with a niche blog today.

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