person in ghost costume standing in middle of a yellowed field with the ocean in the background to represent how common is ghostwriting
Copy FAQ: How Common Is Ghostwriting?

Do you know who writes your favorite content? You might think your favorite celebrity wrote a memoir, an athlete wrote that tweet, or a politician wrote a touching, actionable speech. But did they? Sure, some of our favorite authors and figures write their own works, but just...

22 Jun 2022

stack of books on a white windowsill
Copy How To Write Someone Else’s Biography

It’s the dreaded question most people get asked at some point in their lives: “write your bio,” or “tell us about yourself.” It’s a difficult question. You don’t want to over- or under-share and come off looking silly. But when someone asks you to write your own...

20 Jun 2022

notebook and pen on wooden desk with book on top that reads a storytelling workbook to guide you on why storytelling is important
Copy Becoming Human: Why Storytelling Is Important for Brands

No matter what fad you’re following, from clothing to music to marketing, old trends always find their way back into style. When technology was new, it became popular to get your brand online. It was a new way to communicate digitally and work with automation. But now...

27 May 2022

blue neon sign on window that reads "what is your story" to discuss why stories are important
Copy Why Stories Are Important in Content Marketing

In the movie¬†You’ve Got Mail, the main character Kathleen Kelly says, “When you read a book as a child, it becomes a part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your whole life does.” Think about that. What books did you read in...

18 May 2022

Copy Freelance Copywriters: Your Best Content Solution?

Freelance copywriters work contractually to write copy and content for businesses. Many companies use these kinds of temporary employees to develop the sales and advertising copy necessary to promote their products and services and develop a consistent brand voice. But is using a freelance copywriter really your...

27 Apr 2022

Copy How To Write an Article

Depending on the industry of your business, it’s possible you might benefit from creating quality content like blogs and articles. Well-written content can help you attract an audience to your brand by providing them with helpful and insightful information. In turn, this helps your company build audience...

27 Apr 2022

blocks spelling out "jargon"
Copy The Pros and Cons of Using Jargon in Content

Some businesses crowd their content assets with a lot of jargon. From promotional blogs and eBooks to newsletters and sales pages, we’re bound to see some jargon in content. After all, it makes a brand sound smarter, right? Not necessarily. Even though using professional language in your...

27 Apr 2022

Copy All About Content Writing: Your Definitive Guide

One of the best ways to get noticed by your target audience is by implementing a digital marketing strategy. Having a strong online presence helps business owners attract new clients and increases brand loyalty. Like many professionals, you may wonder where to begin, so reading through a...

27 Apr 2022

Image of a yellow callout bubble on a blue background. Concept for writing catchy headlines
Copy Writing Catchy Headlines: Free Samples You Can Use as Templates

Catchy headlines can mean the difference between enticing audiences to click on your page and getting lost in the noise. Your blog or resource headline is the first thing that people see when they find it in search, even if they don’t read any of the content....

27 Apr 2022

indian man holding up a neon green post-it that reads A.I. to represent Google thinking AI content is spam
Copy Is AI-Generated Content Spam?: Google Says Yes

We recently asked our LinkedIn community if they thought AI-generated marketing content would be as good as human-created content within 10 years. As expected, 61% said human writers are the best, and Google agrees. The search engine marks AI-generated content as spam. Content creation takes time and...

18 Apr 2022

Image of a laptop keyboard next to an open notebook
Copy Types of Copy and What To Use For Your Business

Copy is text that’s published digitally or in print for an audience to consume. You likely use copy to create materials and pieces for their marketing and advertising campaign or for use on your company website. But you can use copy in many different areas of your...

1 Apr 2022

scrabble tiles that spell real estate representing real estate newsletter content
Copy 40 Real Estate Newsletter Content Ideas for Your Emails

Using an email newsletter as part of your marking strategy can help real estate agents to educate, entertain, and connect with their target audience directly. Coming up with good, engaging real estate newsletter content can take time and brainstorming, so we’re providing you with a list of...

23 Mar 2022

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