Copy 25 Real Estate Blog Content Ideas for Your Business

Companies create blogs and other types of content marketing to provide value to their customers. But for businesses that don’t sell their own products or ongoing services, figuring out what provides value to that audience can be difficult. For real estate blog content, you have multiple options...

22 Mar 2022

red and silver magnet on blue surface pulling lead magnet design people to it
Copy 20 Lead Magnet Design Ideas To Hook Subscribers

The best lead magnets offer so much value to your audience that they can’t pass them up. The more you refine your lead magnets and offer exactly what people need at the right time, the more qualified leads you can attract. That’s why learning how to choose...

16 Mar 2022

Woman sitting on the ground typing on her computer
Copy Content Writer vs. Copywriter: What Does Your Business Need?

Looking for new ways to attract your target audience and improve your marketing efforts? Finding a skilled and knowledgeable writer is an excellent first step. But it’s important to know which type of writer your company needs and the services each one provides. Specifically, when looking at...

14 Mar 2022

white wall and desk with laptop, flowers, and gold lamp set up to write evergreen content ideas
Copy 17 Evergreen Content Ideas That Last

Doing content marketing the right way takes time and effort. Once you’ve gotten good at it, you’ve also created a lot of material. That’s great for your brand recognition, reach, and search engine optimization (SEO). But it can be a pain if you constantly have to go...

12 Mar 2022

laptop with a white screen that says "join us online" to serve as examples of hub content
Copy 12 Examples of Hub Content To Note and Explore

How are you pushing content out to your target audience? Do you use regularly scheduled social media posts or weekly newsletters? Chances are, if you engage in any kind of push efforts to share your blogs, articles, and videos, you may already create hub content for your...

10 Mar 2022

red html tags on white and purple background
Copy How To Choose Anchor Text To Increase Your SEO

Anchor text can make or break your rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). That might sound dramatic, but if you can get it right, it may be easier to get on the first SERP with fewer links than your competitors and less effort when creating your content. That’s...

22 Feb 2022

two magazines open to interior pages with images of wrapped presents inside
Copy How To Use Visual Principles for Page Design

Quick Navigation What Is Visual Design? Primary Elements of Page Design Visual Design Principles Why Is Page Design Important? Types of Pages To Design How Do I Design a Page Layout? 7 Page Design Best Practices and Tips 7 Page Design Layouts Page Design Templates The page...

5 Nov 2021

Laptop display shows words written on a page.
Content Marketing How To Hire a Content Writer and How Much They Cost

Quick Navigation What Is a Content Writer? When Does My Company Need a Content Writer? Where Can I Hire Content Writers? How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Content Writer? How To Hire a Content Writer How To Manage a Content Marketing Team If you’re hoping...

14 Sep 2021

laptop on a white table with a succulent, glasses, a phone, and pencil to the right and arms and hands hovering over the keyboard
Content Marketing Guest Posting: How It Works and What It Can Do for You

Quick Navigation What Is a Guest Post Service? How Do You Write a Guest Post? Where Do You Send Guest Posts? How Do I Sell a Guest Post? Is It Safe To Consider a Guest Post Service? Does Guest Posting Still Work? How Does DA Affect My...

10 Sep 2021

mail icon on iphone screen with number 2 in red notification bubble
Copy How To Write a Newsletter That Your Subscribers Love

Quick Navigation What Is a Newsletter? Marketing and Newsletter Goals How To Write a Newsletter Tips for Writing a Great Newsletter Email marketing is more than just sending out messages at predetermined times and expecting users to interact with it. When used properly, it can be a...

10 Sep 2021

screen reader attached to computer keyboard with hands hovering overtop
Copy Web Content Accessibility Guidelines: What You Need To Know

Quick Navigation What Is Web Content Accessibility? What Is the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)? What Is the Purpose of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines? What Are the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines? The 4 Principles of Web Content Accessibility Should My Business Use Guidelines 1.0 or 2.0? 4...

10 Sep 2021

Person opening a new email on their phone.
Content Marketing Email Newsletter Formats: Types and Benefits

Quick Navigation Email newsletters are a great way for businesses to engage with people and generate new customers. Many newsletters share information on promotions and products. However, they can also talk about important industry information. An email newsletter’s information and format often depends on the specific business...

11 Aug 2021

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