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Content Marketing SEO Freelancing: The Business Perspective and The Freelancer Perspective

Quick Navigation Business Perspective What Is an SEO Freelancer? How an SEO Freelancer Can Help Your Business Where To Hire SEO Freelancers How To Hire SEO Freelancers Freelancer Perspective How To Become an SEO Freelancer SEO freelancers are important to businesses and their websites. They help them...

11 Aug 2021

Copy The Ultimate Guide To Ad Campaigns

Quick Navigation What Is an Ad Campaign? What Makes a Good Ad Campaign? Why Are Ad Campaigns Important? What Are the Types of Ad Campaigns? How Do I Run an Ad Campaign? 15 of the Best Ad Campaigns of All Time Ad campaigns are marketing strategies you...

6 Aug 2021

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Content Marketing How To Use Ad Creators (With 9 Options To Consider)

Quick Navigation What Is an Ad Creator? Why Should I Use an Ad Creator? When To Use an Ad Creator How Do I Create an Ad? Which Program Is Best for Making Advertisements? 9 Ad Creators You Can Start Using Today Small companies often look for ways...

6 Aug 2021

woman in white shirt is giving an interview while girl in black outfit films with a cell phone camera and boom microphone
Content Marketing How To Create a Winning PR Strategy

Quick Navigation How Do You Manage PR? What Is a PR Strategy? What Are PR Strategy Tactics? Why Does My Brand Need a PR Strategy? What Makes a Good PR Strategy? How To Create a PR Strategy Public relations, or PR, refers to the communication between a...

6 Aug 2021

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Copy 50 Landing Page Templates For All Websites

Quick Navigation What Is a Landing Page? Why Should I Use a Landing Page Template? Where Can I Find Landing Page Templates? 50 Landing Page Templates For Your Business In marketing, a landing page is a standalone webpage that aims to drive conversion via a call to action. A...

6 Aug 2021

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Content Marketing Do SEO Keywords Need To Be Exact in Content?

Quick Navigation: Stop Words Google’s Algorithms Readability and Quality Content Where To Use Keywords How To Create a Keyword Content Strategy   Considering that SEO rules are generally just guesses and that Google’s algorithms constantly change, let’s just say it’s hard to keep up. One area of...

20 Jul 2021

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Copy Your Definitive Guide To Writing Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Quick Navigation What Is a Headline? What’s the Difference Between a Headline and a Title? Why Is Writing a Catchy Headline Important? Types of Quality Headlines What Is the AIDA Principle? How To Write an Attention-Grabbing Headline? 4 Examples of Catchy Headlines and Why They Work? Headlines...

14 Jul 2021

Copy How to Write a Successful Newsletter for 2021

Quick Navigation What Is a Newsletter? Why Newsletters Are Important How to Start a Newsletter How to Design a Newsletter Newsletter Templates for Your Business How to Measure Your Newsletter’s Success Rate Modern marketing teams know how important it is to establish an email list and send...

8 Jul 2021

Copy How To Understand Email Newsletter Design in 9 Steps

Quick Navigation How To Design a Newsletter The Purpose of an Email Newsletter How Do Email Newsletters Work? Best Practices for Email Newsletters 13 Kinds of Newsletters 10 Newsletters We Enjoy Receiving in Our Inbox How Can Email Design Get Your Brand Loyal Customers? Email Newsletter Design...

22 Jun 2021

Copy CTA in Email: What It Is and How To Write Your Call To Action

In marketing, communication with customers is essential to building relationships and making sales, and email communication is a powerful form of marketing. You can make your marketing emails even more effective by adding calls to action (CTAs). Email CTAs are buttons or links that you can add...

18 Jun 2021

Hand of female checking application email on smart phone. Notification new messages on mobile smartphone
Copy Inspiring Newsletter Sample Ideas for Your Emails

Quick Navigation Types of Newsletters Email Newsletter Examples We Love Getting in Our Inboxes Newsletters are a great tool for communicating with your customers. If you’re wondering how to write a newsletter sample, check out these newsletter types and popular samples for inspiration. Types of Newsletters There...

17 Jun 2021

Copy What Is a Style Guide?

Quick Navigation What Is a Style Guide? What Is Brand Identity? Why Is Brand Identity and Consistency Important? Why Start with a Mission Statement? What Are the Types of Style Guides? How to Create a Style Guide Style Guide Templates Whether your business relies more heavily on...

4 Jun 2021

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