What Does a Copywriter Do?

Christy Walters


March 29, 2021 (Updated: October 19, 2023)

laptop on wooden table with copywriter hands on the keyboard

A copywriter is a creative professional who writes marketing and advertising messages for print and digital media. If your organization creates any type of content, from blog posts to video tutorials, having a copywriter on your staff helps elevate its quality. But you may wonder if hiring a copywriter is worth the talent search and the expense of putting someone on your staff versus using a freelance writer. In this article, we’re covering the ins and outs of using copywriters with topics like:

What Does a Copywriter Do?

laptop on wooden table with copywriter hands on the keyboard

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Copywriters spend most of their days finding, writing, and reviewing words on the page. Each writer has their own content development process that takes them from finding a content idea to publishing each piece. Some of the specific daily duties of a copywriter include:

  • Brainstorming topic ideas in the right industry or niche
  • Researching a piece’s target audience
  • Conducting interviews or meetings to collect information
  • Shaping the message or angle of a piece to make it unique
  • Writing a variety of brand content like webpage copy, social media posts, product descriptions, blog posts, or articles
  • Following word counts, style guides, and other parameters as instructed by the company or client
  • Working with the marketing, public relations, and sales teams to develop content for larger campaigns or external clients
  • Tracking campaign results and metrics to apply to the next piece or project

Why Should Your Company Use a Copywriter?

Despite what you think you know, all writing isn’t the same. There’s screenwriting and poetry, news and novels. And there’s also copywriting. Just because someone can put words down on a page doesn’t mean they’re the right fit to market your brand, products, or services. Here are some of the top reasons your company should use a copywriter when creating content:

To Capture Your Brand’s Soul

If we’re being honest, anyone can write a paragraph that describes your product or services. They can look at a picture of the product or a list of the terms of service for a partnership and turn it into a paragraph instead of a list. But how boring would that be to read? Do you think it would make your audience stop and take notice? Do you think it would make them buy your products or sign up for your services?

Copywriters do more. They can take dry, basic facts and make them interesting. They also know how to capture your brand’s story and soul. Why does your company exist and what can it do for the audience? Copywriters have research and interview skills to collect as much information about your company, products, and services as possible so they understand them inside and out. Then they can write engaging pieces that appeal to your audience and display your brand as an interesting character rather than a faceless entity.

To Put a Persuasive Spin On Your Content

Your content is a marketing and sales tool. Yes, you’re trying to provide a valuable resource to your audience. But you’re also trying to make partnerships and sales. And you have to blend the two in a way that comes off as enticing but not pushy. Most people don’t respond well to hard sales pitches, especially in content writing where they’re expecting to get answers to their questions, not an advertisement.

That’s where copywriters earn their bread and butter. They know how to walk the line between persuasive and pushy content. They can provide exactly what the reader needs while also convincing them that your company’s solution is actually their best choice for a solution.

To Meet The Target Audience At Their Skill Level

You are an expert in your field. You know the ins and outs, and all the appropriate language and jargon to sound knowledgeable when talking to team members and peers about niche topics. But sometimes being that smart actually puts you at a disadvantage, depending on the skill level of your audience.

Take technology companies, for example. Some B2B tech companies sell their products and services to other B2B tech companies. They speak the same language and understand what the products can and can’t do. But what about companies that sell to retail stores or school districts? Copywriters know how to target all of these different potential audience segments and their varying skill levels. They’re objective in deciding what the audience needs to know to make a sale. They can also describe complex topics in a way everyone understands.

To Create Varied Content

Copywriters know how to create content in a variety of formats. From web copy to blog posts, from video scripts to infographics. These professionals understand that each content type is different and the way you write to appeal to that audience varies just as much. They’re also great at repurposing and adapting content from one content type to another.

What Are the Different Types of Copywriters?

Like other marketing roles, a copywriter isn’t just a catch-all term for people who write. There are many specialty areas within the discipline. Consider these when you’re looking for specific writers to meet your content needs:

  • Brand copywriter: Know how to tell your brand story in a way that connects with your audience
  • Direct marketing copywriter: Write copy for all forms of direct response and marketing, such as emails, text messages, and pop-up advertisements
  • Marketing copywriter: Specialize in creating promotional copy for channels like videos, pay-per-click advertisements, and billboards
  • Public relations copywriter: Create copy for public relations outlets, such as press releases. They also work closely with journalists or other media personnel to create copy that promotes your brand on other channels.
  • SEO copywriter: Know how to use keywords and on-page SEO tactics to send your content to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) and grab as much organic traffic as possible.
  • Social media copywriter: Develop copy for social media posts, messages, and profiles
  • Technical copywriter: Explain the technology or technical concepts related to your products or services

CopyPress: The Content Team You Need

Having a copywriter on your creative staff is great. But what if we told you that you could have an entire team ready to dream up your best content, without the talent search or salary load? CopyPress is the solution you need to get the best copywriters on your projects without the human resources hassle. We deliver top-quality pieces while focusing on areas like:

Content Variety

The CopyPress creative team is full of skilled copywriters that work as an extension of your organization or agency. They know how to create persuasive, factual, and captivating content on projects like:


Whether you’re explaining an industry concept or giving a detailed how-to for how to use your products and services, CopyPress has the right copywriters for your articles. This type of content helps improve your online presence and company credibility. Articles are the perfect pieces for earning the title of a thought leader in your industry or market. No matter your language or niche needs, our team understands how to develop the top-quality, engaging content you crave.

Blog Posts

Blog posts help your company capture those timely, trending topics in your industry that directly relate to your brand, products, and services. At CopyPress, we develop original content with your audience in mind. Our copywriters focus on an eye-catching topic relevant to your industry for each post. We use our proprietary software, Thematical, to locate those topics and keyword opportunities to help you outperform your competitors.

And our creative team does more than just write. We also have editors and quality assurance professionals that review your pieces and make sure they fit your expectations, set out in your living style guide document. The client review cycles let you check them before publication to make sure they resonate with your target audience.


Persuasive copywriters are experts at developing promotional and lead generation content, like eBooks. When you work with CopyPress, we develop eBooks for you to use as lead magnets for your conversion campaigns. They help establish your company as a credible information source in your field. Our team also takes your eBook through the entire creation process from topic choice, research, wireframes, and design.

Want a sneak peek at the program that helps with topic ideation? Request your free content analysis report from CopyPress today. It shows how your content compares to your top three competitors. It also gives suggestions for “low-hanging fruit” keywords, or topics you haven’t covered but could help increase your reach and traffic if you do.

“CopyPress gives us the ability to work with more dealership groups. We are able to provide unique and fresh content for an ever growing customer base. We know that when we need an influx of content to keep our clients ahead of the game in the automotive landscape, CopyPress can handle these requests with ease.”

Kevin Doory

Director of SEO at Auto Revo

Product Descriptions

Copywriters know how to create product descriptions so enticing that they convince people to buy products or sign up for services they might not have considered otherwise. Our team creates polished descriptions to increase conversions and sales. With a focus on SEO, we make sure your product descriptions get the most reach possible so that people find them organically online. The best product descriptions deliver a high-quality user experience and highlight the best features of everything you sell and offer.

White Papers

B2B audiences want to know what your brand can do for them before they feel comfortable partnering. White papers are a way to make that happen. Like other types of content, they help promote your brand as a thought leader in your industry. They also share important information about your services, products, and strategies to give clients and customers an idea of what it’s like to work with your brand. Our CopyPress team meets with your representatives before a campaign kickoff to understand your business and clients to choose the right topics and goals for every white paper.

Vetted and Trained Professionals

It’s hard to find copywriters who are quick to turn out work without compromising quality. They’re out there, but you may have to weed through many sub-par resumes and hold too many interviews to find just one diamond in the rough. With CopyPress, you get that top-quality work on your schedule. We find and vet the talent so you can spend your time doing other things to grow your company.

Then, we train all the handpicked copywriters for your content team to follow your style guide and write in your brand voice. It offers you the same perks as an internal team without the strain on your human resources department.

Niche Expertise

Finding the right copywriter is more than just finding someone who’s persuasive and can make a sale. You also need someone who understands your audience and your industry. This is easier for brands in some industries than others. But when you work with CopyPress, that’s never a concern. We have writers from a variety of industries and niches in our creative network. Whether you work in health, finance, or beyond, we have team members to help. Trust that our copywriters know your industry inside and out from research and life experience.

Language Options

If you work with clients around the world or want to expand into new markets, finding multi-lingual copywriters could be a challenge. When you’re trying to provide top-quality content, using Google Translate just isn’t enough. The CopyPress network has writers and editors who speak over 42 languages, natively and fluently. It’s important to guarantee that your content doesn’t get lost in translation to any of your target audience. We prioritize putting native speakers on market projects inside and outside the United States.


You may wonder how working with many different creatives at the same time affects the value of your content and business interactions. You may think it’s easier to have one copywriter on your internal staff to ensure clarity, and most importantly, professionalism in the office and with clients or customers. But with CopyPress, there isn’t a difference.

Yes, we have a wide network of creatives to assign to your projects, but they’re all dedicated to producing high-quality, cohesive content with professionalism. Perfecting your content comes from back-and-forth discussions and communications between your team and ours. We pair you with a client success manager who acts as an interface between your company and our creatives. They handle all your questions and concerns so that you get professional, polished pieces every time.


You know that any good marketing team is more than just a copywriter. It includes other positions like editors, strategists, and designers. To put together even a small but well-rounded team takes time. From researching talent, interviewing, and issuing test pieces, the process takes up much of the time you could devote to other business activities. CopyPress gives you a solution that doesn’t require any of the additional overhead.

We’re more than just writers. We provide a full-scale creative, strategy, and human resources team from the get-go. CopyPress finds the talent and assigns the right creatives to every campaign. Whether you need help with writing, strategy, or publication, we’ve got it covered.

SEO Savvy

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key strategy to getting your content to rank high in search results and secure the all-important organic traffic to your content marketing. Not every copywriter understands the time and attention it takes to work on-page SEO into every piece to appeal not just to the audience, but also to search engine bots and crawlers.

But at CopyPress, our creatives do. We understand how critical it is to add an SEO component to every piece we create. By planning your content around data using our proprietary software, Thematical, we discover what your audience is searching for online and how you can fill content gaps to send your pieces to the top of page one.

Finding one copywriter for your marketing team is essential. Finding a solution that provides you access to not just copywriters but an entire creative team just makes sense. Ready to see just how much CopyPress can do for you and your content? Schedule your free half-hour introductory call today.

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