planning an infographic with an outline of it being drawn
Infographics Design Your Own Infographic With Over 1000 Templates

Quick Navigation Why You Should Use an Infographic Template Where to Find Free Infographic Templates Creating an Infographic From Templates Many business owners have chosen to stay with text-based content. Though a powerful strategy, using many media types will help attract customers and visitors to share your...

15 Apr 2021

person working on a computer with graphs on the screen
Infographics What Is an Infographic?

Quick Navigation What is an Infographic? How Infographics Differ From Data Visualization Types of Infographics How To Create an Infographic Tips To Remember Although it may seem like a contradiction in terms, visual communication tools are becoming increasingly popular in the information age of today. When one...

1 Mar 2021

stacks of books bound with twine in the corner of a white room that could be sources for infographic data
Infographics 10 Sources For Infographic Data (and 4 To Avoid)

Infographics are an easy and engaging content tool to show your audience large data sets in an easy-to-read format. But infographics aren’t just pretty pictures to spruce up other content. They have to be informative and factually accurate for the audience to pay attention. You can increase...

24 May 2018

Image of person typing, designing on a laptop computer with papers displaying data graphs; concept for vector infographics.
Infographics Vector Infographics: Why, What, and How-To

Infographics are great for interpreting information and data through visuals. Information can be simplified by using graphics that explain their importance, allowing the viewer to easily understand what they’re being shown. Audiences are currently more receptive to viewing images than trying to interpret a great amount of...

24 May 2018

Tips for making infographics
Infographics 8 Great Tips for Making Infographics

In this article…  Know Your Audience Invest in Design Time Choose Images Carefully Highlight Your Research Make the Most of Your Content Optimize Formatting Edit Multiple Times Market to Your Target Audience   Infographics are an extremely useful and efficient method of marketing. When planned out correctly,...

24 May 2018

Two professional women writing on a white board to layout their timeline infographic.
Infographics Timeline Infographics: A Journey in Marketing

In this article… The History of Timelines Why Infographics? Types of Infographics Creating a Timeline Infographic Marketing Timeline Infographics   Infographics are used to display marketing information in a way that is visual and informative. Approximately 65 percent of people are visual learners by nature, meaning that...

23 May 2018

Tips for creating technology infographics
Infographics An Inside Look into Technology Infographics

In this article…  Industries That Benefit From Technology Infographics Infographics in the Technology Industry Technology Infographic Design Choosing Technology Infographic Images Designing Technology Infographic Visual Graphs Gathering Technology Data Edit and Review Market your Technology Infographic The Future of Technology Infographics Viral Marketing   Sharing technological data...

23 May 2018

Two women laying out data for technical infographics on a whiteboard in red marker.
Infographics Technical Infographics: Learn to Create Like a Pro

In this article… A Look at Technical Infographics Comparison Infographics Geographic Infographics Hierarchical Information Infographics Informational Infographics Process Infographics Statistical Infographics Timeline Infographics How to Create Infographics   Technical infographics range from simple to complex and are invaluable for presenting complicated concepts and processes in a visual...

23 May 2018

A business meeting with four laptops and three men seen discussing how to make popular infographics.
Infographics How to Make Popular Infographics that People Will Share

In this article…  What Are the Elements of an Effective Infographic? Develop an Interesting Idea Tips to Create Popular Infographics   It’s one thing to create infographics. It’s another to design infographics that get attention, that people spread, and that get your message out. Instead of making...

23 May 2018

A man touching a miniature globe on top of a side table with a passport under the globe to represent map infographics
Infographics What You Need To Know About Map Infographics

One of the best things about infographic content is the endless possibilities for where and how to use them in marketing. When you understand how location-based data affect your brand and your customers, you can add map infographics to your content strategy. Today, we’re learning all about...

23 May 2018

A marketing team discussing everything you need to know about infographics
Infographics Everything to Know About Making Infographics

In this article…  Is Making Infographics Hard? Best Free Tools for Making Infographics What to Look for in an Infographic Maker Infographic Tools Worth Paying For Basics Steps for Making Infographics Things to Know Before You Start Tips for Designing and Sharing Infographics Need More Help?  ...

23 May 2018

An Apple laptop and two Apple monitors with different design versions while making an infographic online.
Infographics Learning How to Make Infographics Online

In this article… Free Tools to Make Infographics Online Making Infographics With Canva Making Infographics With Piktochart Making Infographics With Venngage Making Infographics With Visme Tips and Inspiration Need Additional Help?   Just when you thought you had to install expensive software to make your own infographics,...

23 May 2018

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