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Published: May 22, 2018 (Updated: March 30, 2020)

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Content marketers use infographics to drive traffic to their blogs and websites. Through social sharing and engaging content, infographics tend to be stickier and have longer shelf lives than traditional written content. They also take longer to make and cost more than written content. To make sure you get the ROI to match the effort you put into your infographic, you want to develop an outreach plan to go with it. Along with sharing the graphic with your email list and on your social channels, you can build links, exposure, and traffic by posting it on infographic sharing sites.

Let’s Take a Look at Infographic Sharing Sites

Below is a list of 22 infographic sharing sites you can use to promote your visual content. The links back to your page will boost your SEO, while the traffic and clicks will generate awareness about your brand. With the help of these distribution partners and infographic influencers, you can make sure all your hard work pays off and your graphic doesn’t end up collecting dust in your blog archives.

Infographic sharing sites

Image via Flickr by Stefan Leijon

Creators can join Community to check out the latest trends in design. makes it easy to sort through infographic content by the most recent or most shared. While you do need to register to be part of the community, this website offers Follow links that can make the registration and submission process worth it. It has a high PageRank, which means the link juice is valuable for your brand.

Infographics Showcase

Infographics Showcase markets itself as a “collection of the best infographics and data visualization on the web.” This website is smaller and more basic than, with the main focus being its shared infographic content. While registration isn’t required, infographic submissions aren’t free, and the website makes money by featuring visual content. However, the links back from this page are Follows, and the anchor text will typically be your brand name.

This website has a simple interface with which you can clearly see the infographic content and sort through topics to find visuals you like. has a social media following of almost 9,000 and is also active on Pinterest. An Express Post costs $25 but comes with a NoFollow link. You have to opt for a Paid Post for $49 for a Follow link or a $99 Sponsored Post for additional SEO-friendly benefits and social promotion.

Infographics Archive

Along with SEO benefits, Infographics Archive has a massive social media following and a large audience of visitors. For reference, in November 2017 alone, almost three million visitors came to the website. Furthermore, the site has more than 14,000 active Pinterest followers and just as many fans on other social media channels. Infographic submissions start at $20, but you can choose from a variety of upgrades that will increase your spend up to $80. This is a great option if you want to highlight your brand in front of a new audience.

Daily Infographic

Daily Infographic has more than 50,000 Facebook fans and 24,000 Twitter followers. This is a great website if you want to expose your brand to large audiences and share your ideas with the world. It is run by a team of 15 curators who constantly search for the best infographics on the web. Topics range from cooking tips to movies, education, and sports, so you are sure to find a niche that relates to your brand. Contact their team directly for sponsored post rates and promotion options.

Submit Infographics

Submit Infographics is a user-generated design gallery. While a creative agency hosts the website, it keeps the client portfolio separate from the other submissions. The goal of this website is to open infographics to discussion and let graphic designers critique posts and offer advice for improvement. You don’t have to register, and the website gives you Follow links to help your SEO.

Infographix Directory

Infographix Directory has a moderately sized social media following and a clear menu for website submissions. For $20, your infographic will be posted within 48 hours of submission with a Follow link. It will also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. However, you can upgrade to a Double Plan or Featured Plan for $30 or $40, respectively, in which the team features your graphic on two websites or keeps your infographic at the top of the webpage for seven days. This allows you to choose your plan based on your infographic goals.

Infographic Post

One of the main benefits of Infographic Post is that it is free to submit your graphic. The website owners carefully list their guidelines for submission to expedite the process and make sure you provide enough information about your content to site visitors. However, if you want your content published quickly, you can pay for faster publishing and promotion for $10 to $20. Infographic Post will only share three free infographics per day, but paying the $20 will ensure yours is posted within two business days.

Cool Infographics

Randy Krum is the brain behind Cool Infographics, a blog that highlights interesting data visualization from magazines, newspapers, and pages around the web. Krum is looking for the best, which means he won’t accept just any infographic design. His careful curation has grown Cool Infographics into one of the top infographic sites on the web. It receives an average of 7,000 visitors per day and 300,000 page views per month. This is a powerful audience to tap into.

Infographic Journal

The Infographic Journal has a significant social media following across a variety of channels. Along with the standard social media options (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest), this website is on Tumblr and Google+. Basic submissions are free but your content could take two to three weeks to go live. However, you can order an Express Submission for $25 to get your content posted that day. You can also buy a Featured Infographic placement for $75, which will keep it on the home page for a week. These are Follow links that will help your SEO.


InfographicBee is a smaller website, but it is quickly growing as its team of busy bees reviews and shares infographic submissions. An Express Review from this website only costs $10 and guarantees your graphic will be live within two business days. InfographicBee will also share your infographic on its social channels. This site has a clean and professional interface with clearly labeled categories. You could experience positive outcomes even though this is one of the smaller infographic sharing sites.

Best Infographics

Best Infographics is one of the cleanest sites on the web. It has a professional submission page that makes it clear what you are buying. You can post an infographic on the website within 48 hours for as low as $10 and can upgrade to be featured at first position and have your infographic shared on the site’s social channels for $50 and $35, respectively. You can also buy multiple infographic placements at once.

Infographic Database

Infographic Database makes it easy to submit your infographics with clear benefits and pricing available. Submissions cost $20 and are shared with the website’s 3,000 social media followers. This site offers Follow links so you can get SEO benefits from its posts. Users who submit content to this site pay first and then get directed to the contact form.

The Infographics

The Infographics is a smaller website that accepts submissions after careful review. This is not a site that publishes just anything — this means your infographic won’t get lost in the shuffle. Tom Cumpsty, who runs The Infographics, encourages readers to build personal relationships with him (Twitter is a good place to start) if you want your submissions to be accepted.

News I Like

News I Like has been operating since 2010 and continues to produce quality content that drives people to click, read, and share. To date, the website has shared more than 1,900 great infographics with its users and created a submission page specifically for visual content. Submissions to this blog cost $50, and you can follow up on your infographic’s status on Twitter for a fast response.


FlowingData has a significant following and should not be overlooked by visual content creators across the web. Run by Nathan Yau, a Ph.D. statistician from UCLA, FlowingData highlights unique ways to visualize information. If your infographic is breaking from traditional design and tapping into unique ways to visualize data, then it might make for a good submission to this site. You might be able to submit a blog post to go with it if you collected your data firsthand and then thought of unique ways to visualize it.

This UK-based website will publish your infographic for £20 ($30 USD) and allows one link with the anchor text of your choice. This website has multiple B2B categories that can help your brand if your data doesn’t appeal to most B2C audiences. has been publishing content since 2012, so it specializes in data visualization and has a strong reputation for quality across the web.

Infographic List

Infographic List is based in Europe but written in English and available to non-European audiences. The cost to publish an infographic is 30€ ($40 USD), which guarantees publication within 48 hours of submission. This placement comes with a Follow link and social media promotion to an audience of 13,000 fans. Infographic List also has a mailing list of almost 2,000 people who are eager to see the latest design trends. The exposure you get from promoting your content on this page is worth it.


Infgraphaholic is a Tumblr blog where the moderator typically shares your infographic with a one-sentence comment and a link back to your website. While the website design is basic, you get the benefit of sharing your infographic on Tumblr. With the right tags, it’s possible for your infographic to gain a lot of traction on the site, increasing the number of people who see it.


Slideshare isn’t a website dedicated solely to sharing infographics. Rather, it is run by LinkedIn and used as a tool by business professionals to create audience-facing slideshows. Viewers can learn from the slides and commentary that comes with them. However, you can use Slideshare to share important graphics from your design and start a discussion around it — like hosting a webinar or including a graphic in a blog post. Use of this tool is free.


Like Slideshare, Reddit isn’t exclusively an infographic sharing site. It is a free social network where people hold discussions around specific topics and vote content up or down depending on its quality. Consider sharing your infographic on the subreddit r/infographics, which has more than 76,000 readers. Make sure you read the moderator rules carefully before posting, though, or your infographic might be removed or voted down. Depending on the audience that day, you could generate hundreds of views or have only a handful of interested users.


Flickr falls under a similar category as Reddit, except you don’t have to worry about downvotes and criticism from users. You can create an account and submit as many infographics as you want, easily sharing them with other followers in your community. Be careful when you share your graphic though, and check the settings to see how people can use your content. This helps prevent Flickr users from modifying your graphic or using it for commercial purposes.

Some of these websites will be better for your blog than others. You might not have the budget to pay for multiple submissions and instead will choose one or two websites that drive traffic effectively. We encourage you to test different sites and see what kinds of links and traffic they drive so you can understand what works for your budget and outreach bandwidth.

If you need help with outreach, let us help. CopyPress has strong relationships with many of these infographic sharing sites. We can work to develop infographics and make sure they get the shares and traffic they need to make your content marketing efforts successful.


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