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May 21, 2018 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

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Infographics are a valuable addition to any content marketing strategy. These highly visual pieces can answer a complex question or simplify an overwhelming topic in an instant. If your company is presented with a tricky problem, solving problems with infographics may offer the perfect solution. There are several key functions that an engaging infographic can perform in order to solve a problem.

Solving Problems with Infographics

Establishing Your Brand in Your Niche

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Is your company struggling to establish itself as a well-known name in your niche? Infographics are an outstanding way to demonstrate your thought leadership in a particular area. Conduct a fresh study on trending topics in your field. As a gardening company, you might explore the way invasive species are impacting the ecosystem in your part of the country. If you’re in education, you might gather data on the enhanced employability and higher salaries graduates with particular degrees are enjoying.

Infographics can present a massive amount of data in a neat, compact space. This is an intuitive choice when you want your viewers to grasp a great deal of information in a short amount of time. While a lengthy article or white paper on your research findings may go into greater depth, it’s the quick and simple infographic that will offer the best shareability and most immediate usefulness. You can quickly establish your spot as a thought leader with a well-targeted piece that caters to your niche.

Educating Consumers on Product Use

Are your customers coming to you with complaints related to improper product use? Perhaps you’re struggling to properly explain how your latest enhancement fits with the rest of your line. You can efficiently solve problems related to product use with a clear how-to infographic. This is the ideal format for a graphic-heavy demonstration of how to properly assemble, customize, or utilize your products and services.

Solving problems with infographics can trump videos for some types of how-tos because their static nature makes it easier to follow along with the steps at a slower pace. Perhaps you sell a line of toys that transform step-by-step to fit together when you purchase the whole set. A video might move too quickly, while an infographic can provide a clear diagram that viewers can study slowly to get a comprehensive understanding of all the features.

Assisting With Shopping Selection

If you offer an extensive line of products and services, you can solve problems with infographics designed to streamline product selection. Put together a flow chart that assesses shoppers’ needs and wants. You can guide them to the ideal resort destination for their vacation style, or assist them with selecting the smartphone that best suits their usage and budget.

A flow chart infographic has a seemingly endless range of uses. Help your clients determine which fertilizer will suit their soil, recommend the right apparel colors for their complexion, or offer advice on the most effective diet plan for their schedule and fitness goals. Clarify any confusion over which product is right with an infographic that leads viewers to a smart suggestion.

Identifing Pressing Problems

Every product or service is designed to solve a problem. Whether you’re solving the issue of a rumbling stomach while your customers are on the go, or you’re offering accessible investment options to help clients grow their funds, your company is focused around meeting a pressing need in your industry. If your prospective customers aren’t yet aware of the full extent of their need, you can use an infographic to highlight this for them.

Perhaps you manufacture storage containers made from recycled ocean plastic. You’re meeting both your customers’ needs for storage and the pressing need to remove and reuse plastic that’s accumulating in the Pacific Garbage Patch. However, not all shoppers are aware of the massive floating garbage dump that’s circling in the ocean. With an eye-catching infographic, you can offer a visual demonstration of how big this problem is and why shoppers should care about solving it.

Telling Your Brand’s Story

Your brand story may serve as a powerful selling point that will help you connect with your audience or reach out to a new niche. If you’re a family-owned business with humble beginnings, your inspiring timeline may appeal to shoppers who favor small businesses and local entrepreneurs. If your story includes a slew of eco-friendly efforts and innovations that distinguish your manufacturing methods from others, your production processes are worthy of a side-by-side comparison infographic showing how you differ from conventional competitors.

Pinpoint the distinctive elements in your company’s story that are likely to engage and convert new clients. Transform these into a story infographic that will bring your company’s history to life. A visual demonstration is more effective than a blog when you’re focusing on topics like these that are at the core of your personality and branding.

Connecting to a New Audience

If you’re actively trying to reach out and connect with a new niche, a carefully targeted infographic can offer a highly engaging way to make this connection. Say you’re trying to market your investment products to young parents. You can make a meaningful connection by developing an infographic that highlights the financial needs and stresses that are unique to new moms and dads. Point out smart ways and places where they can save on everyday expenses like formula and diapers, and demonstrate how these savings could convert to a hefty college fund with your investment strategies.

Answer the critical question of why this new audience needs your products and services, then use clear data to demonstrate the benefits your customers will enjoy with your offerings. When they are intuitive and clear, infographics are a fast way to communicate even complex information to curious prospective buyers.

If your company is facing a problem that’s easily solved with more information, an infographic is a highly visual way to resolve the issue. Solving problems with infographics can provide a wealth of information at a glance, and clarify key points about your company, products, and services. Whether you want to highlight how you’re helping the environment or demonstrate proper assembly steps, an infographic can be a quick problem-solver you can use to meet numerous marketing needs.

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