Interactive Infographics

Interactive infographics take the visual data experience from passive to active. They allow your audience to engage with different elements of the data story to learn more information as they progress through the content. These pieces are most popular for websites and social media posts.

A woman showing a male coworker how to create interactive infographics on her Apple laptop in an office setting.
Interactive Infographics

How to Create Interactive Infographics

In this article… Prepare Your Topic Collect the Facts Set the Storyline Explore Types of Interactivity Wireframe Your Infographic Create Graphics Animate Your...

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A man sitting at his desk in an open office working on his laptop with a coworker sitting next to him developing interactive content
Interactive Infographics How To Make Content Interactive To Engage Visitors

When your brand has to compete with an endless stream of blog posts, expert-level white papers, and lengthy webinars to connect with your audience, passive content won’t cut it. By adding interactive content to your strategy, you can make your brand stand out and keep your audience’s...

22 May 2018

Four coworkers sitting at a table reviewing how to make interactive infographics and one woman taking notes.
Interactive Infographics How to Make Interactive Infographics

In this article… Why Use Interactive Infographics? I’m Convinced. How Do I Get Started? I Have My Data. Now What? How Do I Make My Story Visually Appealing? What About the Interactive Elements? But, I’m Not a Tech Genius. Help! I Need Some Inspiration!   One of...

21 May 2018

Two marketing professionals reviewing another woman's laptop reviewing interactive infographic samples.
Interactive Infographics Interactive Infographic Samples

In this article…  The Copypress Infographic Design Process Where Will Your Next Home Adventure Take You? Entertainment in Riyadh Common MythConceptions   What is it that keeps us going back to our favorite modes of entertainment? Whether it’s movies, books, video games, or all of the above,...

21 May 2018

An Apple computer with a design program open, a black notebook, glasses, and a coffee cup on the desk.
Infographics How to Make Animated Infographics

In this article… How to Make Animated Infographics Using Software How to Create Animated Infographics Using Smaller GIFs How to Make Animated Infographics Using Motion Graphics Simple Rules for Creating Animated Infographics Why You Should Start Using Animated Infographics Top Examples of Animated Infographics   Infographics have...

18 May 2018

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