Interactive Media Chatbots: What They Are and Why They Matter

If you’ve ever interacted with some online customer service features, you may have been communicating with chatbots that sound human. More industries have incorporated or switched to artificial intelligence (AI) to run aspects of business, like conducting tutorials and answering customer questions. Chatbots have become popular because...

13 Oct 2021

laptop with gmail screen open showing how to embed video in email
Animated Video How To Embed a Video in an Email (With Tips)

Including videos in your email marketing campaigns can make them feel more exciting and personal. They create a dynamic experience that’s different from plain text messages. Depending on the program you use, there are several ways to embed video in an email. Today we’re discussing the benefits...

10 Sep 2021

Interactive Media How To Use Interactive Media To Leverage Your Business

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve queried keywords along the lines of “how to use interactive media” into a search engine. The world is changing at a faster pace than ever. People crave a more personalized experience, be it related to goods, services, products, ideas, and...

18 May 2021

People presenting to an audience that is fully engaged
Interactive Media Everything You Need To Know About Engagement Rates

Engagement rate matters in everyone’s social media or content marketing campaign. It can tell you a lot. But most importantly, it tells you if your audience even cares about the content you’re producing. Low engagement means low interest. Low interest means that you might need to change...

7 May 2021

Interactive Media 7 Great Interactive Content Samples

In this article… You probably see interactive infographics and content all day. It’s so prevalent, it might not even register to you what it is. Between quizzes and calculators and maps, it’s easy to forget that all of those things are considered pieces of interactive content that...

20 Mar 2020

A man sitting at his desk in an open office working on his laptop with a coworker sitting next to him developing interactive content
Interactive Infographics How To Make Content Interactive To Engage Visitors

When your brand has to compete with an endless stream of blog posts, expert-level white papers, and lengthy webinars to connect with your audience, passive content won’t cut it. By adding interactive content to your strategy, you can make your brand stand out and keep your audience’s...

22 May 2018

Two marketing professionals reviewing another woman's laptop reviewing interactive infographic samples.
Interactive Infographics Interactive Infographic Samples

In this article…  The Copypress Infographic Design Process Where Will Your Next Home Adventure Take You? Entertainment in Riyadh Common MythConceptions   What is it that keeps us going back to our favorite modes of entertainment? Whether it’s movies, books, video games, or all of the above,...

21 May 2018

A woman showing a male coworker how to create interactive infographics on her Apple laptop in an office setting.
Interactive Infographics How To Create Interactive Infographics

Interactive infographics are compelling because they combine both visual and kinetic elements to create a piece that’s engaging and memorable. People retain information better when they interact with it physically, which is just what your interactive infographics will allow them to do. You can take the wildly...

16 Mar 2018

A man with a black watch typing on HTML code on his laptop while creating an interactive infographic.
Interactive Infographics Mixing Design and Code To Create Interactive Infographics

Infographics may have some fantastic potential for content marketing, but if you want to take things one step further, you can make interactive infographics. This special medium mixes attractive design with programming, enhancing the appeal and further impressing your target audience. The difference between a common infographic...

16 Mar 2018

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