Marketing Channels

Marketing channels are the locations where you share your content marketing efforts and paid advertising. Both digital and traditional channels exist, and you can use a combination of both to develop the best content distribution plan for your brand.

Marketing Channels

Guide to Online Marketing: Types of Online Marketing and Examples

Having trouble boosting your online presence and brand awareness? Understanding and implementing online marketing is crucial to the success of nearly every business...

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Marketing Channels Everything You Need To Know About Marketing Funnels

Quick Navigation: Marketing professionals are tasked with introducing people to a brand and guiding them toward buying the company’s product or service. Each time they convert a curious browser into a paying customer, they’ve achieved their goal. One of the tools marketing teams use to understand why...

18 May 2021

Content Marketing Graphic with a coffee cup, a planner, eyeglasses and a pen
Marketing Channels Content Marketing: Definition and Types

Here’s something you probably already know: starting a business is easy but marketing one is hard. You believe in your brand and everything it can do for its target audience. But convincing the audience your brand is worth their time takes a lot of work and strategy....

25 Feb 2020

paper money from a variety of countries to represent is paid traffic worth the money
Marketing Channels Is Paid Traffic Worth the Money?

Paid traffic is any web visit you get from audience members clicking on a paid media link that leads to your site. This traffic can come from search engines, social media, guest posts, and other sources. But why would you spend money on clicks you could get...

2 Mar 2023

black social sharing buttons for twitter facebook and pinterest on a white screen to represent how to use social media to drive web traffic
Marketing Channels How To Use Social Media To Drive Web Traffic

Whether you love or hate social media, it’s an important marketing tool for reaching your audience where they spend time. But even with shopping options and other engagement features, social media isn’t where you do most of your online business. That happens on your website or through...

28 Feb 2023

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