Why Using a Marketing Consultant Matters

Jill Conway


February 27, 2020 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

a man, maybe a marketing consultant, leading a meeting in front of four employees with gift bags and laptops on the desk

A marketing consultant is an advisor from outside your company who helps create and implement marketing strategies. These professionals use their industry experience and expertise to grow marketing departments and reach goals. Companies may hire marketing consultants for one project, or work with them for longer periods on contract. If your organization is considering hiring a marketing consultant, you may wonder how to pick the right candidate. In this article, we cover topics like:

Why Do Companies Use Marketing Consultants?

To some, using a marketing consultant may sound counterproductive. Why would you hire someone outside your company to come in and do what your marketing team is supposed to be doing? But that’s not the case. Using a marketing consultant saves time and money because consultants are the best in their field. They have vast knowledge and experience that leads to quality advice. They can help your team avoid rookie mistakes and train them in the right ways to think, plan, and track for future campaigns.

Marketing consultants help companies develop marketing plans to guide full campaigns and help them reach their business goals. They also help with other areas of marketing, like:

Hiring a marketing consultant helps your company stay competitive in any market and gives you a better chance for success in reaching your target audience and increasing leads and sales.

What Does a Marketing Consultant Do?

a man, maybe a marketing consultant, leading a meeting in front of four employees with gift bags and laptops on the desk

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Once they’ve signed a contract with a company, marketing consultants perform duties similar to your other marketing professionals. Marketing consultants may work with multiple clients within the same day or week. Many of their responsibilities may take place simultaneously. They include:

  • Reviewing and analyzing client marketing materials
  • Analyzing a client’s target market and audience to learn how to best reach the primary demographic
  • Helping clients form a consistent, recognizable brand identity
  • Giving advice about previous marketing or PR errors to improve a client’s brand reputation
  • Engaging with the client’s customer base through tools like email marketing and social media
  • Coordinating marketing team members to ensure strategy and content consistency across channels and campaigns
  • Optimizing marketing content for SEO best practices, like search intent
  • Researching new opportunities for client campaigns and content
  • Managing client marketing channels, like websites and email accounts
  • Analyzing campaign results to track progress towards goals
  • Researching opportunities to connect with new clients

Marketing consultants also use a variety of tools in their day-to-day operations to provide the best advice to clients. Track your content like the pros by requesting your free content marketing analysis report from CopyPress. This document helps you see how your content stacks up against your top three competitors so you can find gaps where you can better target your audience through keyword development.

“CopyPress gives us the ability to work with more dealership groups. We are able to provide unique and fresh content for an ever growing customer base. We know that when we need an influx of content to keep our clients ahead of the game in the automotive landscape, CopyPress can handle these requests with ease.”

Kevin Doory

Director of SEO at Auto Revo

Substitute CopyPress for a Content Marketing Consultant

Why hire one marketing consultant to advise your brand when you could have an entire team of creatives and strategists on call? At CopyPress, our services, process, and strategy help support your marketing team in creating content and achieving your biggest marketing goals. We support your team in a variety of ways, including:

Developing Quality Content

CopyPress does more than just tell you how to use your existing content and how to make it fit into a new marketing strategy. When you work with us, we create new pieces tailored to fit your customized strategy and help increase your SEO and reach your marketing goals. Choose from content options like:


No matter your industry, informative resource articles give your audience the knowledge they need to understand your industry. They help improve your brand’s credibility and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. At CopyPress, our writers, editors, and quality assurance team create pieces your audience wants to see in language and formats they understand. We’re able to create unique articles natively in a variety of languages. This helps companies that work with clients in markets across the globe.

Blog Posts

Sometimes, you don’t need a full resource guide to share information with your audience. In those situations, shorter, concise, but equally informative blog posts could be a better fit for your strategy. We use our proprietary software, Thematical, to research relevant, eye-catching topics in your industry. This program also lets us uncover prime content gaps and keyword opportunities to help you stay competitive and get ahead in your market.

Like with articles, our blog writing service includes writing, editing, and quality assurance checks. The creative team uses your living style guide to learn your brand voice. They write each post to stay consistent with your other marketing materials and land correctly with your target audience. Our writers have experience in a variety of niches, making it easy for them to create expert content on any topic.


Adding eBooks to your content marketing stack helps with lead generation and content promotion. Use them in your email marketing as lead magnets and incentives to keep people subscribed to your content and coming back for more. Like articles, eBooks are another content source to help establish credibility and thought leadership for your brand. At CopyPress, we do more than just write your eBook. We help you with every step from topic choice using Thematical, research, writing, wireframes, and design.

Product Descriptions

For companies with eCommerce needs, don’t overlook the power of the perfect product description. What’s the difference between using a stock product description and a highly customized one for your brand developed with SEO in mind? The volume of leads and sales they generate. CopyPress develops product descriptions that get better reach and match your clients’ search intent. Well-written descriptions help highlight the unique features of everything you sell. They also deliver a better user experience and increase your conversion rates.

White Papers

If white papers are or should be a part of your content marketing strategy, CopyPress offers this service too. These documents are a preferred way for B2B companies to show just how their services benefit clients through detailed explanations and data. We learn about your business, customers, and goals to choose the right topics for your white papers. Then we assemble a qualified team to create the content.

Creating a Living Style Guide

One of the things a marketing consultant does for their clients is to ensure consistency across messaging and branding. CopyPress does this too, by working with you to create a living style guide for your campaign. This document follows your project from ideation to publication. It includes elements of what it means to write in your brand voice and how to make each piece of content sound authentic to your brand.

Our team works with you to align this style guide with your goals. You have the freedom to change this style guide throughout the campaign to ensure our team meets your expectations every time.

Handpicking Your Curated Team

The benefit of working with CopyPress over hiring just one marketing consultant is the team atmosphere and attention you receive on every project. We care about our creatives and they care about you. By prioritizing the skills and needs of our creatives, strategists, and clients, we’re able to ensure quality work on every campaign, every time. CopyPress puts in the time during onboarding with your team to find the right people in your niche to deliver high-quality content.

Aligning Your Strategy and Goals

At CopyPress, we know getting things right takes time and adjustments. One of the most unique steps in our process is the alignment phase. It happens after onboarding but before we start full production on a campaign. During the alignment phase, the creative team develops test pieces for your review. Then, you determine how well we understand your goals and expectations. With your feedback, we adjust the living style guide, strategy, and the members of your creative team. That way, once we start full production on your campaign, it runs smoothly from start to finish.

Staying Connected

Marketing consultants know the importance of staying in constant communication with clients. CopyPress does too. Perfecting your content and strategy needs a lot of back-and-forth discussion to get it just right. You need a reliable source to answer your questions so you get things done efficiently and on time. We offer a Slack channel for each client account to keep all your questions and communications with the team in one place.

We also assign each client a dedicated success manager as your primary contact. This way, you get the answers to all your marketing questions simply, quickly, and from someone you trust.

Delivering and Publishing Content with a Proprietary CMS

Delivering and publishing your marketing materials shouldn’t be a chore. With CopyPress and our proprietary content management system, Dante, it doesn’t have to be. Use Dante to review, track, and even publish your content to a variety of channels. The program lets you view all external creative comments and global feedback. Your marketing team has the option to change any content we submit right within the editing window.

When it’s time to publish, send your pieces to the right location with our API options. You can also download the content in your preferred file format to save as a backup or publish elsewhere.

Marketing consultants are a great resource for elevating your marketing game and reaching your goals. But they’re not the only option. When you’re ready to have an entire, dedicated content and strategy team work as an extension of your marketing department, schedule your free call with our team.

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