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Digital marketing campaigns, unlike traditional marketing methods, are dynamic and offer more sustainability. Successfully reach out to prospective customers at scale with a well-crafted digital campaign. It takes expertise to produce a written plan that is coherent and organized with a clear end goal. In this article, we explain what digital marketing entails and how to create a successful campaign that is cost-efficient and brief to ensure a positive return on investment (ROI).

What Is a Digital Marketing Campaign?

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A digital marketing campaign is a strategy that takes place online to promote products or services by boosting traffic, engagement, and conversion rates. Marketing professionals use digital media to create different content industries like e-commerce, healthcare, government, entertainment, publishing, and non-profits.

The main objectives of such a campaign can include:

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  • Cutting cost per lead or acquisition
  • Boosting brand awareness
  • Increasing sales
  • Increasing client retention

Those mentioned above are common business objectives, but companies use the digital space as a catalyst for reconstructing their marketing plans.

How to Plan a Digital Marketing Campaign 

Digital marketing campaigns are complicated to plan, so they need your utmost attention and dedication from the idea’s conception to the end when it reaches the audience. Here are some steps you can take when creating a logical and efficient digital marketing plan:

1. Define Your Goals 

Seasoned marketers understand the need for defining goals at the start of any campaign, but those who are eager to get started often overlook this essential step. There are plenty of decisions to make when creating the marketing campaign. For example, you might want to measure success by aiming for higher rankings in search results or improving the conversion rate.

Specific goals depend on your business, current circumstances, and long-term goals. You can consider some of the ones discussed below.

Build Brand Awareness 

For example, many people say “Google it” when telling other people how to search on the internet. The brand awareness that the company has achieved enables their business name to be used as a verb. There are numerous techniques for measuring brand awareness, including using marketing tools like Google Trends to gain insight into potential customers searching for your business online.

Increase Social Media Followers 

Social media is a robust and straightforward metric for determining prospective clients searching for your business. Track the numbers to measure the growth rate because some followers may be interested in your business but are inactive.

Boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Several factors impact SEO rankings for businesses, including the number of backlinks your site receives. A successful digital marketing campaign often utilizes SEO, undertaking several tasks, such as contracting professional blogs and White Paper writing services, to enhance rankings. SEO score indicates the progress a campaign makes.

2. Identify the Target Audience 

Knowing your target audience enables you to utilize resources, regardless of the budget. You can create material that appeals to your audience once you identify the demographics. Since current customers can offer insight into the demographics, marketing campaigns that target new audiences could alienate them.

Define personas for the best results. A persona offers a comprehensive description of your ideal audience, including information on their age, occupation, family situation, wealth, interests, and other variables that determine how people spend money.

3. Assess Your Budget 

Setting a realistic budget is essential because it determines resource allocation and direction of the campaign. Fortunately, digital marketing campaigns are cheaper than traditional marketing, meaning the same resources can bring more results.

For example, user-generated content (UGC) offers a free option for clients to showcase brand appreciation. Using hashtags, businesses and companies allow their customers to share posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds. UGC offers you the opportunity to add product descriptions for visitors to click and make purchases. You can build a community to organically promote your brand by combining UGC and influencer marketing strategies. Authentic influencer relationships share your brand’s content with their followers, hence widening your reach.

4. Tell an Emotional Story  

Storytelling can make a digital campaign go viral. An emotional story can focus on a single person or common trends bringing people together, so your brand gets attention without being the main focus. You can make your brand a top choice after engaging with the audience through a powerful message.

Leverage the interests of your customers when generating content for digital campaigns. Use viral memes that match the interests of your target audience to introduce products or services to consumers. Content that resonates with your audience’s interests brings in more followers across different social channels.

5. Choose a Channel Strategy  

Sharing content on different platforms builds brand awareness. There are several channels to target your audience based on their personas. Customers respond differently to each forum, so spreading your message across multiple channels ensures a broader reach. Repurpose topics to save money and time.

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, several factors determine your preferred channels, including:

  • Number of social media channels you can effectively manage
  • Channels your target audience uses
  • Channels your competitors use
  • Type of content you want to create

6. Measure the Digital Campaign’s Success  

It is essential to use a reliable system to measure the success of your campaign. For the best results, each channel should have a unique framework that enables you to measure effectiveness. That way, you get insights into core metrics indicating whether the campaign is on track or requires corrective actions to ensure you meet set targets.

In case you fail to meet your targets, have contingency plans in place to ensure the campaign’s success. You can effectively measure progress by learning from other successful marketing plans other brands have used.

Examples of Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns

Image via Flickr by crimaz com

Here are some of the best digital marketing campaigns from various brands that can help you reach your target audience and increase the company’s ROI:

Single Grain’s Omnichannel Content Strategy 

As one of the most successful digital marketing companies in the U.S., Single Grain understands the significance of omnipresence. Their content marketing allows all customers to choose their preferred platform for getting content, including Twitter feeds, Facebook groups, email newsletters, blogs, and Instagram influencers.

Additionally, their content is reusable. For example, the company repurposes the audio from their videos and posts them on their podcast. Some pieces are repurposed to 2,000-word blog posts that they publish several times weekly. The brand always includes actionable content that their audience can use in their marketing strategies.

Omnipresence is essential because potential customers are always online, but they may not be on the same platform or respond to similar media channels. A multi-media strategy that incorporates multi-channels ensures you can always post the same topics on different media channels.

Mobile Monkey’s Message Optimization 

According to Inc., about 98% of website visitors leave without making a purchase, and more than 75% of them never return. As such, it is crucial to increase customer reach while decreasing acquisition costs. Although Mobile Monkey previously paid hundreds of dollars for leads, they lost money because clicks may not generate sales without a proper remarketing strategy.

When the company started optimizing its marketing for messages, it allowed them to collect site visitor’s data for automatic retargeting. By using Messenger drip campaigns, Mobile Monkey reached a broader audience while reducing the cost per lead acquisition drastically.

When searching for ways to reduce marketing costs, brands should consider lowering the cost of their leads through available channels, including Messenger. Your digital marketing campaign should focus on achieving more qualified leads than reaching more people with the advert.

Anheuser-Busch’s Community Outreach  

The beer manufacturer launched a brilliant marketing strategy in 2021 by switching to hand sanitizers to help communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. Although the initial design was for community outreach, it quickly transformed into a marketing strategy, generating plenty of brand awareness from significant publications.

Through this move, Anheuser-Busch built customer loyalty because of its positive impact on society. Without spending millions, the company gained respect from its customers. The campaign shows that going further than simply giving out money can be effective.

Lego’s Social Awareness 

Lego is a renowned toy manufacturer with many impressive and successful marketing campaigns, including Rebuild the World and The Lego Movie. In their social awareness campaign, the brand’s focus lies on more significant issues, such as climate change and the LGBT community. Lego’s campaign video on YouTube has millions of views and success because they addressed controversial social issues, shaping their brand’s story.

Establish yourself by being a brand that cares about issues other brands may be afraid to tackle. A faceless brand that targets everyone shows potential customers that it lacks a stance. Pick a theme and create a story that resonates with your target audience’s values for success in digital marketing.

Lyft’s Referral Program 

Lyft is a famous rideshare company because it offers convenience. After realizing that their clients already loved the service, Lyft launched an excellent marketing campaign that persuaded existing customers to refer their family members and friends.

Word-of-mouth marketing through their referral program enabled Lyft to grow without spending a lot of money on campaigns. By offering discounted and free rides for referrals, the company managed to incentivize its customers to become advocates for the brand.

Other businesses can emulate this strategy by offering excellent service and then creating a referral program that brings more customers through word-of-mouth.

Airbnb’s User-Generated Content  

Airbnb’s digital marketing strategy relies on images and videos generated from its users’ social media accounts, such as Instagram and Facebook. The brand offers an essential service while acting as a travel forum by matching compelling images with humorous stories for different travel locations worldwide. They further collaborate with social media influencers.

With millions of users, Airbnb achieves a high engagement rate by involving celebrities in their campaigns. For example, when Mariah Carey was the first celebrity to use the service in 2015, the company reached out to her for collaboration.

Since Airbnb is essentially a crowdsourced business, it means that you can market your brand by generating helpful content through your customers’ social media accounts. You can further involve influencers to help sell your brand.

Tesla’s Transparency and Livestream Events 

Despite being a young player in the automobile industry, Tesla is widely popular like its other competitors, including Audi, Chevrolet, and Jeep. With millions of followers on Twitter, the brand uploads interesting tweets several times per month to engage its followers.

Tesla’s digital campaign through Twitter shows its transparency because the CEO, Elon Musk, uses posts to showcase his personality and connect with customers instead of only posting promotions and announcements. Furthermore, the livestream events create brand awareness on other social media networks because people share links with their friends and followers.

Tesla demonstrates that even CEOs and founders can use social media to personalize their brand’s mission. Also, livestreaming offers businesses the opportunity of engaging current and prospective customers, sparking discussions between friends and strangers worldwide.

Oreo’s Newsjacking Strategy 

Oreo is a master in incorporating popular events into its marketing strategies. Their initial newsjacking strategy and one of their most successful campaigns was the Dunk in the Dark, released in 2013 during the Super Bowl blackout. Their strategy is effective with crucial timing because such a campaign should launch after a major news story but before journalists gather sufficient information.

In 2019, Oreo utilized the Game of Thrones season finale by naming their campaign Game of Cookies. They remade the series’s opening credit with the same soundtrack but with animations made of thousands of cookies.

Relating your brand to popular events currently happening globally is an excellent strategy for your digital campaign. However, you must be fast enough to launch the campaign before the story becomes stale.

Red Bull’s Consistency  

Red Bull thrives on a consistent marketing strategy. Their motto ‘Gives You Wings’ is synonymous with amazing athletic stunts that audiences worldwide find captivating and inspiring. The slogan uses video content and comedy to engage the viewer and make it memorable.

The company’s success is attributable to its digital campaign consisting of remarkable athletic stunts that only a few other brands can replicate. Instead of pushing advertisements on their customers, they create content that people would rather watch anyway, especially on weekends. Rather than pulling your customers’ attention away from what they already prefer, make your content more captivating and pleasant to watch.

Red Bull’s consistency in delivering captivating content demonstrates how other companies can ensure their digital marketing campaigns’ best results. Therefore, start your campaign small, measure the results, and grow after learning your audience’s pains, desires, and wishes.

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