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The B2B Marketing Landscape [Infographic]


Published: September 24, 2020

Navigating the B2B marketing landscape can be tricky. You need to understand who is involved in the purchase decision, how to provide the best customer experience and ensure your offering is personalized to their needs. To be successful in business to business marketing, you need to anticipate business’s needs and provide them with personalized solutions – often before you’ve made personal contact with your prospective business client. 

B2B Customer Experience 

We’ve included multiple stats on how almost all people are affected by business to business marketing in their day to day lives and how you may experience it yourself. At the core of B2B Marketing, customer experience and management are essential. The average customer is already more than halfway done with their decision process before ever speaking to a sales representative. Providing your customers with a good experience is a key to having them return and buy more from your business. Customer experience is improved upon by the customer management team you’ve built, so be sure they’re kept up to date on improvements that need to be made. 

Personalized B2B Marketing

Most customers start their B2B transactions online, so making sure your website and marketing ads are personalized and engaging is equally as important to customer experience. Meeting the needs of B2B shoppers is challenging in a thriving digital landscape where clients perform research independently yet look for highly personalized solutions. With the right content marketing strategy, personalization is a breeze. You can properly display what your business has to offer and how your offering matches their business needs.

Learn more about how to navigate the world of business to business marketing with key insights in the infographic below brought to you by CopyPress.


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