Measurement and analysis are some of the most important parts of content marketing. If you’re not tracking your content, its performance, and how your audience responds to it, you’ll miss key details that can influence your marketing strategy.


Website Analysis: What It Is and Why You Need It

Optimizing your website for easy browsing and searching not only helps bring users to your site, but it encourages them to come back....

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Image of person's hand, holding and writing with a pen, drawing a line between wooden blocks with a cutout of a person; concept for how to identify content gaps.
Measurement How To Identify Content Gaps: 9 Effective Methods

Is your company cranking out content but not getting the results you expect? If so, your strategy likely has content gaps. These gaps can be one of the best things for your content marketing strategy, even though having holes in a content plan can seem like a...

23 May 2023

colored computer code on black background to represent what is a UTM
Measurement What Is a UTM in Marketing and How Do You Use It?

Monitoring and tracking campaign progress is the only way to tell if your marketing efforts are successful. Luckily, in today’s marketing landscape, there are plenty of tools and processes to make that tracking easier and more efficient. UTM codes are just one option you can choose to monitor your...

4 May 2023

two tan people holding hands to represent referral traffic
Measurement What Is Referral Traffic and Is Your Website Getting It?

Do you know that 92% of consumers are more likely to take a brand or product suggestion from a friend rather than from an advertisement? People are more likely to take the word of someone they know, or sometimes even a stranger, over what a marketing team tells them about...

3 May 2023

hand holding a cell phone with the google browser window open to represent search traffic and referral traffic
Measurement Is Search Traffic the Same as Referral Traffic?

How your audience gets to your website can tell you a lot about who they are, what they’re looking for, and where they spend time online. The more you know about their browsing and searching habits, the better you can target them with your content and marketing...

21 Apr 2023

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