Google Keyword Planner is a Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, tool made by Google to help you find effective keywords and maximize them online to attract potential customers or viewers to your site or platform. Google Keyword Planner is directly related to the site’s Search campaigns, making it easier for you to ensure a positive and wide-reaching impact with your overall online presence.

You can also use Google Keyword Planner for valuable insight on a keyword’s metrics, including search numbers and ad pricing. Use this free tool to execute a number of valuable tasks, including finding new search terms, reviewing metrics like average searches per month, establishing costs for Google Ads, and creating new Search campaigns on Google.

Using Google Keyword can be highly beneficial for increasing your SEO and online presence. A few of the primary advantages of using Google Keyword Planner include metrics based on your location, useful filters to get the data you need, and keyword forecasts to help you plan your ad campaigns.

Learn about all the benefits of using Google Keyword Planner by reviewing the useful infographic below.

Benefits of Using Google Keyword Planner

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