Chart diagrams and Business with financial symbols; concept for forecasting in marketing methods.
Measurement 6 Methods for Effective Forecasting in Marketing

Leaders can’t predict the future. So how do they know where to spend their resources, which targets to set, and which areas to focus on? The answer is effective forecasting. As a data-driven method of preparing for the fiscal year, forecasting in marketing is one of the...

9 Feb 2023

weather map of hurricane over louisiana to represent market forecast
Measurement Market Forecast Definition, Benefits, and Techniques

Discover the definition of a market forecast and learn about the benefits and techniques that can help your brand become more successful.

8 Feb 2023

laptop computer on desk with article talking about revenue forecasting
Measurement What Is Revenue Forecasting and Why Do You Need It?

Discover the definition of revenue forecasting and how to incorporate it into your content marketing strategy.

7 Feb 2023

thinning traffic on freeway overpasses to represent traffic loss
Measurement Traffic Loss: What It Is and How To Diagnose It

Discover what traffic loss is and how to diagnose traffic loss on your channels to stabilize your SEO strategy.

3 Feb 2023

four leaf clover highway intersection with traffic to represent subdomain traffic
Measurement Everything You Need To Know About Subdomain Traffic

Learn how tracking your subdomain traffic influences your SEO strategy to better understand how people interact with your website.

2 Feb 2023

black, white, green, and purple confetti circles to represent domain authority vs page authority
Measurement Domain Authority vs Page Authority: Which Should You Use?

If you work with SEO, you know it can be a numbers game. Though you’re trying to appeal to your audience and searchers, you still have to play the right technical cards to get Google to pay attention to you. That’s why SEO metrics are so popular...

26 Jan 2023

chain links on a black background to represent backlinks and authority
Measurement How Do Backlinks Affect Domain Authority?

Domain authority is an SEO score that predicts how likely it is that your website appears on a search engine results page (SERP). Strategy experts use this metric to determine if your brand is getting the kind of organic reach it wants, or if you can improve...

25 Jan 2023

five yellow clay stars on pink and blue background to represent domain rating
Measurement What Is Domain Rating in SEO?

Wouldn’t it be great if SEO and search ranking potential weren’t a guessing game? You’d always know where you stand to tell if you were climbing or slipping in search rankings. Unfortunately, SEO doesn’t work that way. But there are plenty of tools to help you stay...

24 Jan 2023

People crowd in form of pie chart composed of people. Statistic concept. Vector illustration. Concept for demographic segmentation in content marketing.
Measurement What Is Demographic Segmentation?

Not every customer reacts equally to the marketing campaigns you put out. What could amuse one individual may frustrate another. Accommodating customers’ tastes on a personalized level starts with effective demographic segmentation. In this article, we’ll take you through everything you should know about demographic segmentation, touching...

16 Jan 2023

laptop, coffee mug, phone, and notepad on mosaic table with person writing on the notepad about SMES affecting SEO
Measurement How Do SMEs Affect SEO? (And Why Do You Need Them?)

A subject matter expert (SME) is a team member or consultant with a deep knowledge of or extensive experience in an industry. Working with these professionals unlocks a world of next-level expertise you may not get from your core team alone. Better yet, you can use SMEs...

13 Jan 2023

stock graph data to represent pagerank
Measurement PageRank and Authority: How They Work Together

If you worked in marketing in the 2000s and 2010s, then you know Google’s PageRank metric was a hot topic. If you wanted to grow your audience through search engines, this was the way to do it. Fast-forward to 2023, and most people think PageRank is dead. It’s not. You just think it’s...

12 Jan 2023

old leathbound books on shelves to represent domain authority history
Measurement All You Need To Know About Domain Authority History

When Google first developed PageRank as an SEO ranking factor, the numerical metric for any website was available for the world to see. You could learn more about how Google saw your website in terms of how the service ranked content. Thanks to black-hat data manipulation efforts in...

3 Jan 2023

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