two tan people holding hands to represent referral traffic
Measurement What Is Referral Traffic and Is Your Website Getting It?

Do you know that 92% of consumers are more likely to take a brand or product suggestion from a friend rather than from an advertisement? People are more likely to take the word of someone they know, or sometimes even a stranger, over what a marketing team tells them about...

3 May 2023

hand holding a cell phone with the google browser window open to represent search traffic and referral traffic
Measurement Is Search Traffic the Same as Referral Traffic?

How your audience gets to your website can tell you a lot about who they are, what they’re looking for, and where they spend time online. The more you know about their browsing and searching habits, the better you can target them with your content and marketing...

21 Apr 2023

europe cars in traffic to represent web traffic
Measurement What Is Web Traffic and Why Should You Track It?

How do you know if your website is working? The obvious answer is by visiting it and making sure the pages and content load. But all that tells you is if your website is functioning, not if it’s working properly to help you achieve your business goals. The...

20 Apr 2023

white woman in white shirt sitting a silver laptop with a mouse in her right hand to represent organic vs direct traffic
Measurement Organic Traffic vs Direct Traffic: What You Need To Know

Did you know studies from Search Engine Land and Groupon, though almost 10 years old now, show that some traffic your analytics programs record as direct traffic is actually organic traffic? What’s the difference between them and why does it matter? Today, we’re looking at organic traffic vs direct traffic and reviewing...

1 Mar 2023

Image of a colorful pie chart showing various percentages; concept for average marketing budget percentage by industry.
Measurement What Is the Typical Marketing Budget Percentage by Industry?

Marketing is all about creating the maximum impact on your target audience. In an ideal world, you’d have unlimited funds to realize your vision. Yet most marketers are bound by a strict budget, allocating a marketing budget percentage based on the company’s revenue. CMO survey results from Gartner...

23 Feb 2023

Excited colleagues doing a fist bump, concept for sales and marketing effectiveness.
Measurement How To Boost Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

The common disconnect we see so often between sales and marketing has been going on for far too long. At this point, it’s important to understand that sales and marketing effectiveness is highest when they work together. But for companies that still have friction between departments, alignment...

15 Feb 2023

Business and technology concept. Smart office. Management strategy. GUI (Graphical User Interface). Concept for the role of sales forecasting in content marketing.
Measurement The Role of Sales Forecasting in Content Marketing

Sales and marketing have always gone hand in hand. One generates leads, the other closes them. One creates opportunities, the other sees them through. With this relationship, it’s no wonder that a sales forecast is so important in content marketing. The role of sales forecasting in content...

13 Feb 2023

Chart diagrams and Business with financial symbols; concept for forecasting in marketing methods.
Measurement 6 Methods for Effective Forecasting in Marketing

Leaders can’t predict the future. So how do they know where to spend their resources, which targets to set, and which areas to focus on? The answer is effective forecasting. As a data-driven method of preparing for the fiscal year, forecasting in marketing is one of the...

9 Feb 2023

weather map of hurricane over louisiana to represent market forecast
Measurement Market Forecast Definition, Benefits, and Techniques

Discover the definition of a market forecast and learn about the benefits and techniques that can help your brand become more successful.

8 Feb 2023

laptop computer on desk with article talking about revenue forecasting
Measurement What Is Revenue Forecasting and Why Do You Need It?

Discover the definition of revenue forecasting and how to incorporate it into your content marketing strategy.

7 Feb 2023

thinning traffic on freeway overpasses to represent traffic loss
Measurement Traffic Loss: What It Is and How To Diagnose It

Discover what traffic loss is and how to diagnose traffic loss on your channels to stabilize your SEO strategy.

3 Feb 2023

four leaf clover highway intersection with traffic to represent subdomain traffic
Measurement Everything You Need To Know About Subdomain Traffic

Learn how tracking your subdomain traffic influences your SEO strategy to better understand how people interact with your website.

2 Feb 2023

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