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black, white, green, and purple confetti circles to represent domain authority vs page authority
Measurement Domain Authority vs Page Authority: Which Should You Use?

If you work with SEO, you know it can be a numbers game. Though you’re trying to appeal to your audience and searchers, you still have to play the right technical cards to get Google to pay attention to you. That’s why SEO metrics are so popular...

26 Jan 2023

Marketing Channels Guide to Online Marketing: Types of Online Marketing and Examples

Having trouble boosting your online presence and brand awareness? Understanding and implementing online marketing is crucial to the success of nearly every business and organization. There are several ways to create an online marketing campaign, including researching your target audience, determining the best online locations to use...

27 Apr 2022

Marketing Channels Everything You Need To Know About Marketing Funnels

Quick Navigation: Marketing professionals are tasked with introducing people to a brand and guiding them toward buying the company’s product or service. Each time they convert a curious browser into a paying customer, they’ve achieved their goal. One of the tools marketing teams use to understand why...

18 May 2021

Content Marketing Graphic with a coffee cup, a planner, eyeglasses and a pen
Marketing Channels Content Marketing: Definition and Types

Here’s something you probably already know: starting a business is easy but marketing one is hard. You believe in your brand and everything it can do for its target audience. But convincing the audience your brand is worth their time takes a lot of work and strategy....

25 Feb 2020

Create Content Using the HubSpot CMS; brought to you by CopyPress and WORQFLOW.
Tools Guide: How To Create Content Using the HubSpot CMS

Most businesses out there recognize the value of content marketing for promoting products and services. While there are multiple approaches to content marketing, blogging is inherently vital to a successful strategy. Authoritative, high-quality blog content proves to be an essential element to engage and attract wider audiences....

4 Dec 2023

Tools How To Use Google Analytics To Improve Your Content Marketing

Now that Universal Analytics (UA) is a thing of the past (and dearly missed), most of us have gotten acquainted with Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Or…at least we’re all getting there. There’s been more than a few changes (yes, we know), but there are plenty of ways...

1 Dec 2023

Illustration of woman sitting in front of a computer with paper icons in the background. Concept for data issues for campaign managers.
Measurement The Campaign Manager’s Guide to Solving Data Issues

For being so small, “data” can be such a heavy word. It’s packed with potential knowledge, but it can be confusing and hard to decipher. Whether you find it puzzling or enlightening, there’s plenty that data can tell you about your marketing campaigns. The challenge, though, is...

27 Nov 2023

White Papers 8 Essential Elements of an Effective White Paper

White papers are extremely valuable as lead magnets for your business. These content assets not only provide beneficial information to your audience, but they also serve as powerful tools to convert readers into paying customers. And while your team might have amazing ideas for white paper topics,...

19 Oct 2023

Content Marketing How To Create Your Authority-Building Machine

Over the past few weeks, we’ve embarked on a comprehensive journey, unraveling the intricacies of establishing and amplifying authority through content. In the first post of this series, we delved deep into the foundation of Google’s interest in authorship, understanding its current stance and the undeniable value...

17 Oct 2023

Content Marketing Authority Building: Creating Authority From Expertise

Last week, we took a look at the basis for authorship and authority. We delved deep into the foundation of Google’s interest in authority, tracing its evolution from the original PageRank concept to today. We discussed how Google began recognizing authors as “entities” and the testing of the rel=”author”...

29 Aug 2023

tablet with hand pinching a picture to enlarge with the words disruptive marketing what is it on top
Content Marketing Everything You Need To Know About Disruptive Marketing

When you hear the word “disruptive,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe you think of words like “startling” or “intrusive.” Maybe you think of someone cutting you off midsentence in the middle of a conversation. Disruptions may not sound like good things, but in...

5 Jun 2023

Overhead view of city traffic with holographic location icons hovering over; concept for navigational search intent.
Content Marketing Importance of Navigational Search Intent for Content Creation

Search intent is the reason someone looks for information online. There are several types of search intent to target with your content marketing: informational, transactional, navigational, and commercial intent. And all search intents factor into the business plan of acquiring leads and converting them to customers. However,...

2 Jun 2023

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