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woman with bullhorn speaking at a protest to show voice
Content Marketing What Is Brand Voice? (With Real Brand Examples)

When most people hear the term “branding,” they automatically think of company colors and logos. But branding goes beyond just what you see. It also focuses on what your audience hears or reads in every company communication. Today, we’re looking at what brand voice is and how...

19 Apr 2023

man's hand holding a white carton that says "boxed water is better" to represent how to brand content
Content Marketing How To Brand Content for Your Company in 13 Steps

How often does your brand tell stories? If you use content marketing to attract and engage your audience, you probably use them all the time. An interesting headline may be enough to get your audience to click on a piece of content. And a good story might...

18 Apr 2023

lock on a chain link fence with the sky and mountains behind it to represent what are outbound links
Content Marketing What Are Outbound Links and How Can You Use Them?

How often do you link to web pages outside of your domain in your content? If you’re not a frequent outbound link user, you’re missing out on opportunities to provide value to your audience. You’re also missing the chance to increase your domain authority with Google and...

14 Apr 2023

square blue block with a lowercase I inside on top of a sign to represent informational keywords
Content Marketing Informational Keywords: What They Are and Why They Matter

What is the purpose of content marketing? Many business owners may tell you it’s to attract new leads or entice people to purchase from your brand. Both of those things can be true, but they’re not the only reasons to engage in content marketing. Building brand awareness...

13 Apr 2023

man at laptop holding credit card and typing on the keyboard to represent transactional keywords
Content Marketing Transactional Keywords: The Conversion Side of Search Intent

When looking at your organic and search traffic analytics for your website and content, do you know which searchers are most likely to convert? If you don’t know what keywords to look for, you may be missing out on creating and optimizing content specifically for the audience...

12 Apr 2023

wooden letter C on a white backdrop to represent the 5 C's of marketing.
Content Marketing What Are the 5 C’s of Marketing? (With Analysis Template)

If someone handed you a crystal ball to predict the future of your company, would you look into it? What do you think you’d see? Truthfully, every market and business owner would love to know what the future holds for their brand so that they could better...

11 Apr 2023

Stock image showing a chalkboard background with "Branding" written in the center with arrows pointing to the word. Concept for what is branding in marketing?
Content Marketing What Is Branding in Marketing (And Why Should You Care)?

Discover what branding in marketing is and find out what you need to consider when developing your own branding and identity for your company.

10 Apr 2023

Stock image of someone typing on a laptop, open screen, with holographic icons of houses hovering above the keyboard. Concept for how to use real estate social network in content marketing.
Social Media Promotion How To Use a Real Estate Social Network in Content Marketing

Discover how to use a real estate social network to help your content marketing efforts with strategies to add to your marketing plan.

7 Apr 2023

Image of person holding a cell phone near an open computer screen; concept for real estate social network.
Social Media Promotion What Is a Real Estate Social Network?

Whether you’re an avid user or not, it’s undeniable that social media is here to stay. And for real estate businesses and realtors looking to attract leads, social media networks make powerful channels for promotion. Today, we’re covering what a real estate social network is and how...

4 Apr 2023

Image of person's hand holding a funnel labeled as a sales funnel with "prospects, leads, sales"; concept for middle of the funnel marketing.
Content Marketing Middle of the Funnel Marketing: Why Your Brand Needs It

Discover what middle of the funnel marketing is and how to use it to reach clients and customers at this stage of the buyer journey.

3 Apr 2023

group of men of different races cheering at an event to represent crowdsource marketing
Content Marketing What Is Crowdsource Marketing (And Should You Use It)?

The more you know about your audience, the better you can communicate with them through your marketing campaigns. When you uncover and understand what your audience¬†really¬†thinks about your products or services, it’s easier to understand how to promote and sell them to the right segments. Crowdsource marketing...

31 Mar 2023

Businessman indian executive manager ceo talking to female African American coworker, using laptop. Concept for what does a content marketing consultant do for your business?
Agency Solutions What Does a Content Marketing Consultant Do for Your Business?

Content marketing can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Across managing all your different social channels, creating content, and optimizing as you go, it’s easy to feel a little stuck. To give your business the boost it needs, asking a subject-matter expert for help can go a...

30 Mar 2023

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