typewriter with paper inside that says update talking about unnamed updates from Google
Resources FAQ: Why Does Google Release Unnamed Updates?

Though many marketers work with search engines and SEO every day, there are still some mysteries that come with the discipline. The confusion could be because Google isn’t always completely transparent when it makes updates and changes to its algorithms. Today, we’re pulling back the curtain and...

23 Sep 2022

google street art design
Resources The History of Named Google Updates

Google is notorious for releasing both named and unnamed updates that shake up how content creators, marketing teams, and SEO experts do their jobs. If you don’t know history, you’re doomed to repeat it, and there are no exceptions for SEOs who don’t know their Google history. Today we’re...

23 Sep 2022

man working at macbook against a grey wall looking for credible sources
Resources How To Find Credible Sources for Content

Credible sources are reliable, factual references that help you prove a point or back up a claim in your content. Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to find information on any topic you can dream up. But everything you see in search results isn’t always accurate. If...

29 Jul 2022

person in a ghost sheet sitting at a computer searching who uses ghostwriters
Resources Who Uses Ghostwriters To Create Their Content?

John F. Kennedy. James Patterson. Gwyneth Paltrow. CopyPress. What do all these people and companies have in common? They all use ghostwriters to create content their audiences want to read. But why would famous names and content brands use ghostwriters to develop their content? The reasons for...

16 Jun 2022

Image of blue bar graphs, concept for sources to find statistics.
Resources Where To Find Statistics for Content Creation

Statistics and survey data can elevate your brand’s content and give audiences a deeper look into a given topic. Providing information in this way also positions your business as a trusted resource to potential customers in your industry. The challenge is finding statistics and relevant data to...

27 Apr 2022

side view of silver laptop with two white hands pointing at the screen studying content for inbound marketing certification
Resources Why an Inbound Marketing Certification Is Important for Your Team

Marketing trends, and even some best practices, can change every day. This is because the field is dynamic. It relies on factors like human behavior, which aren’t 100% predictable. The best way to stay up-to-date and even ahead of the next brilliant marketing move is by sharpening...

31 Mar 2022

computer open next to coffee mug with an online video call
Resources Digital Marketing Certificates: Where and Why To Pursue One

For any career, it’s important to pursue continuous education and develop a better understanding of your industry. It’s especially important for digital marketing professionals. Not only can gaining knowledge help you advance in your field, but it can also help you find new industry trends and ideas...

6 Mar 2022

grey wall with the words get the creativity flowing written in a circle
Resources 152 Marketing Quotes To Inspire Your Next Great Campaign

Are you stuck finding motivation for your next marketing campaign? Are you looking for words of wisdom to help you navigate new and exciting areas of the industry? Looking for an inspiring quote for your next social media graphic? Reading quotes from some of marketing and advertising’s...

6 Feb 2022

graphic design ideas on computer
Resources 66 Graphic Design Ideas To Spark Your Creativity

Marketers have a unique role, where they get to be both creative and analytical on the job. The creative side is fun until you come across a project that causes a creative block. Having tactics to break through the brain fog and develop new ideas is a...

23 Dec 2021

graphic design ideas on computer
Resources 33 Creative Ideas To Enhance Your Graphic Designs

Quick Navigation Should My Company Use Ideas for Graphic Designs? 11 Aesthetic Styles To Improve Your Graphic Designs 22 Design Tools and Projects for Graphic Design Ideas   If you love this post and found it useful, get some more graphic design ideas to spark your creativity....

23 Dec 2021

Image of woman sitting at a desk working on the computer; concept for guide to freelance digital marketing.
Agency Solutions Your Ultimate Guide To Freelance Digital Marketing

Whether you’ve been in marketing for years or you’ve just graduated from school, working in freelance digital marketing could be an option for you. Those who work in digital marketing have a lot of options for what they can do in their careers. Those who like the...

13 Oct 2021

handwritten papers on a wooden table with a phone in the middle and an arm and hand holding a pink highlighter over the stack
Content Marketing Your Guide To Learning Digital Marketing in 5 Steps

Quick Navigation What Is Digital Marketing? What Resources Are Available for Learning Digital Marketing? Free Resources for Learning Digital Marketing 7 Online Courses To Learn Digital Marketing How To Teach Yourself Digital Marketing Learning digital marketing can help you become more competitive in your industry. Finding the...

17 Sep 2021

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