Content Marketing 18 Influencer Marketing Platforms and How They Can Help Your Business

Quick Navigation What Is an Influencer Marketing Platform? How Can Influencer Marketing Help Your Business? What To Look for in an Influencer Marketing Program Influencer Marketing Platforms Influencer marketing is an effective way to promote your business and its products or services. But to find the right...

13 Sep 2021

macbook sits on wooden table in living room with the words i design and develop experiences that make people's lives simple on the screen
Resources Everything You Need To Know About Copywriter Portfolios

Quick Navigation What Is a Copywriter Portfolio? Why Do You Need a Copywriter Portfolio? When Should You Create a Copywriter Portfolio? Elements of a Copywriter Portfolio Platforms for Creating a Copywriter Portfolio How To Create a Copywriter Portfolio Tips for Creating a Copywriter Portfolio Freelance copywriting—and copywriting...

10 Sep 2021

laptop sitting on a person's lap with hands over the keyboard
Agency Solutions How and Where To Hire a World-Class Blogger

Quick Navigation What Characteristics Make a World-Class Blogger? Why Should I Hire a Blogger? How Do I Find a Talented Blogger? How Do I Hire a Blogger? How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Blogger? How Do Bloggers Get Paid? Websites To Help You Hire a...

10 Sep 2021

screen reader attached to computer keyboard with hands hovering overtop
Copy Web Content Accessibility Guidelines: What You Need To Know

Quick Navigation What Is Web Content Accessibility? What Is the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)? What Is the Purpose of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines? What Are the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines? The 4 Principles of Web Content Accessibility Should My Business Use Guidelines 1.0 or 2.0? 4...

10 Sep 2021

woman in black long sleeve blazer sitting at a computer in an all white office with a window behind her to show she's in a skyscraper
Agency Solutions What’s the Average Content Manager Salary? (And Other Questions)

Quick Navigation What Does a Content Manager Do? Who Does a Content Manager Report To? Are Content Managers Paid Hourly or With a Salary? How Much Do Content Managers Make on Average Per Year? What Benefits Can I Get as a Content Manager? Skills for a Content...

9 Sep 2021

woman in white shirt is giving an interview while girl in black outfit films with a cell phone camera and boom microphone
Content Marketing How To Create a Winning PR Strategy

Quick Navigation How Do You Manage PR? What Is a PR Strategy? What Are PR Strategy Tactics? Why Does My Brand Need a PR Strategy? What Makes a Good PR Strategy? How To Create a PR Strategy Public relations, or PR, refers to the communication between a...

6 Aug 2021

Infographics Data Visualization Examples: The Only Guide You Need

Quick Navigation What Is Data Visualization? Data Visualization Examples Best Data Visualization Tools Best Data Visualization Software Best Data Visualization Practices Good Data Visualization Examples Poor Data Visualization Examples Benefits of Data Visualization The 21st century is the age of big data. With the advent of high-tech...

4 Jun 2021

Resources Case Study Examples: Add Credibility To Your Content Marketing

Quick Navigation:  What Are Case Studies? The Role of Case Studies in Content Marketing The Best Use of Case Studies on Your Website Inspiring Case Study Examples Case Studies To Explain Buyers’ Journeys Case Study Examples for Credibility Building  Best Case Studies for Consultants Best Case Studies...

17 May 2021

Website designer Creative planning application developer development draft sketch drawing template layout prototype framework wireframe design studio . User experience concept .
Resources Your Complete Guide to Web Content Management

Quick Navigation: What is a Web Content Management System? How Does a Web Content Management System Work? Advantages Types of Web Content Management Systems? Comparison of Content Management System’s Rating Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Content CMS   We are living in the information age,...

17 May 2021

screenshot of google analytics
Resources Google Analytics Event Tracking

Quick Navigation What Is Event Tracking in Google Analytics? What Are Google Events? Where Is Event Tracking in Google Analytics? How Do I Define My Event? How Do I Create an Event in Google Analytics? How to Set Up Event Tracking With Google Tag Manager What Are...

3 Mar 2021

people sitting at a desk with laptops and papers
Resources How To Conduct Marketing Research in Five Steps

As marketing and business practices are constantly evolving and consumers’ needs change, it’s important for your team to regularly conduct marketing research. With marketing research, your team can learn more about your target audiences and which marketing strategies and plans are the most successful for your brand....

31 Mar 2020

Three young men working together at one desk in an office
Resources What Is Lead Generation?

Reaching out to prospective customers in creative and effective ways is one of the focuses of a successful marketing team. In today’s digital world, cold calls and spam-like emails are becoming less desirable for the average marketing campaign. Anyone interested in learning how to effectively attract, engage,...

24 Feb 2020

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