Authority Building: Demystifying Authorship and Authority.
Content Marketing Authority Building: Demystifying Authorship and Authority

This week, I wanted to explore how Google looks at authorship and authority to demystify some of the nuances behind these essential components to building your brand and site as an authority in your niche. This week’s newsletter is a background on the foundation of Google’s interest...

22 Aug 2023

black, white, green, and purple confetti circles to represent domain authority vs page authority
Measurement Domain Authority vs Page Authority: Which Should You Use?

If you work with SEO, you know it can be a numbers game. Though you’re trying to appeal to your audience and searchers, you still have to play the right technical cards to get Google to pay attention to you. That’s why SEO metrics are so popular...

26 Jan 2023

Measurement E-A-T and E-E-A-T: What To Know About Quality Metrics

One of the biggest SEO mysteries marketers and content publishers try to crack is the Google code. How does the service choose which content to feature first in search results? Especially when there are millions of pieces available for each keyword or topic. There’s no simple answer...

10 Jan 2023

AI image concept of domain authority history, with a metallic style badge centered on a blue and gold background.
Measurement All You Need To Know About Domain Authority History

When Google first developed PageRank as an SEO ranking factor, the numerical metric for any website was available for the world to see. You could learn more about how Google saw your website in terms of how the service ranked content. Over time, though, black-hat tactics and other...

3 Jan 2023

board of numbers to represent domain rating vs domain authority
Measurement Domain Rating vs Domain Authority: Which Is Better?

Wouldn’t it be great to wave a magic wand and be able to see into your SEO future? Then you’d know if all your marketing efforts will pay off in the end. While marketers aren’t magicians (as much as they’d like to be), they have some helpful...

20 Dec 2022

computer with financial information on the screen to audit a topic cluster strategy
Measurement Audit a Topic Cluster Strategy With Content Analysis

While a large part of a content marketer’s job is to create interesting pieces that generate brand awareness and customer loyalty, that’s not their only job. These marketing professionals also spend a lot of time focusing on how to do the best SEO to boost their content...

3 Oct 2022

A group of business people depicting enterprise SEO content planning.
SEO Enterprise SEO Content Creation: Everything You Need to Know

Enterprise SEO is a massive undertaking. From planning hundreds of keywords and organizing your content calendar to actually creating the content, it can seem like an endless task. We get it, we’ve been there too. Starting a new enterprise SEO content creation campaign is a difficult situation...

28 Sep 2022

map with hand pushing red dot pushpins into it
Measurement 12 Easy Ways To Improve Local SERP Rankings

Local SEO is crucial if you have a business with at least one physical location. Gone are the days when most of your local business came from foot traffic and advertising through local channels. If you want to get noticed in your town, you need to be...

26 Sep 2022

laptop on light wooden table to represent best practice for external linking
Content Marketing 8 Best Practices for External Linking to Boost SEO

External links are some of the most important ranking factors for appearing near the top of SERPs for any keyword or topic. It’s surprising then how many marketers and brands don’t know how to use them the right way to get the most out of their content. Do you know...

18 Aug 2022

person using a tablet to look at a graph of enterprise SEO data
Content Syndication Enterprise SEO: How Does It Differ From Traditional SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for any size business. But as your business continues to grow, you’ll need to be able to adapt your SEO approaches. An enterprise SEO strategy is one approach that can help your corporation or Fortune 500 company thrive. In this article,...

18 Jul 2022

hand holds phone with imac in the background and google onscreen ready to make a search and see position zero
Content Marketing Search Intent: An Introduction for B2B Marketers

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique you can use to bring more organic traffic to your website or other online content. Many SEO strategies target how bots and crawlers find, index, and share your pages and content. But you also have to account for the human...

5 Apr 2022

laptop on table in front of wall of windows overlooking a cityscape with a tree plant in the backgrounds
Measurement All You Need To Know About Domain Authority for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a numbers and metrics game where the rules and standards change frequently. For this reason, it makes sense that we’re always looking for the next great number to help us figure out how good we are at SEO and how we compare...

1 Mar 2022

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