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cell phone in black hand with instagram login onscreen to show social media supports content marketing
Social Media Promotion 5 Ways Social Media Supports Content Marketing

Love it or hate it, social media is a modern-day content marketing tool. Traditional marketing strategies aren’t dead, but they have some competition for ways to reach your audience. According to Statista, the average daily social media usage per person worldwide is 147 minutes. That’s almost 2.5 hours of...

24 May 2022

Social Media Promotion Influencer Qualities To Look For To Promote Your Brand

Working with an influencer can provide new possibilities for your brand and expose it to a wider audience. Finding an influencer to market your content isn’t the hard part. What’s hard is finding a good influencer with the right qualities who meshes with your brand culture. These...

27 Apr 2022

linkedin b2b marketing app download screen on tablet
Social Media Promotion Get Your Business Started with LinkedIn B2B Marketing

According to LinkedIn, 97% of business-to-business (B2B) marketers use the platform for their content marketing efforts. You may wonder if joining that group is the best thing for your company. Or, you may already know you want to use the platform for B2B marketing, but don’t know...

28 Mar 2022

Image depicting different social media icons
Social Media Promotion How To Find, Claim, and List Your Social Media Handles

Promoting your business on social media is a great way to attract an audience to your content and promote your brand online. However, in order to do that, you need to create social media accounts and pages that are easy for your customers to find. The first...

28 Mar 2022

how to publish an article on linkedin logo icon
Social Media Promotion FAQ: How Do I Publish an Article on LinkedIn?

Business-to-business (B2B) companies know that if you’re looking to connect with the best minds in your industry and find the right talents for your team, being active on LinkedIn can help. More than just a talent recruitment tool or a place to boast about accomplishments, LinkedIn also...

20 Mar 2022

youtube home page on laptop screen
Social Media Promotion What Is SEO for YouTube and Why Does It Matter?

Quick Navigation What Is SEO for YouTube? What Are YouTube’s SEO Ranking Factors? 9 YouTube Features To Optimize for SEO 16 SEO for YouTube Tips To Rank Higher In Search   Videos are one of the next great trends in content and social media marketing. A Lemonlight study showed...

12 Jan 2022

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Social Media Promotion How To Do Social Media Marketing (With Tips and Tricks)

Quick Navigation What Is Social Media Marketing? 5 Core Pillars of Social Media Marketing Choose the Best Social Media Platforms for Marketing Best Social Media Marketing Tips How To Create a Social Media Strategy   Social media marketing is just one type of marketing you can include...

29 Dec 2021

black cell phone on dark wooden table apps show red notification bubbles
Marketing Channels What Are Social Mentions and How Do You Track Them?

Quick Navigation What Are Social Mentions? Areas Affected by Social Mentions Why Should I Track Social Mentions? How Should I React to Social Mentions? 3 Ways To Track Your Social Mentions Best Practices for Responding to Social Mentions What Tools Can I Use To Track Social Mentions...

18 Nov 2021

Content Marketing 18 Influencer Marketing Platforms and How They Can Help Your Business

Quick Navigation What Is an Influencer Marketing Platform? How Can Influencer Marketing Help Your Business? What To Look for in an Influencer Marketing Program Influencer Marketing Platforms Influencer marketing is an effective way to promote your business and its products or services. But to find the right...

13 Sep 2021

computer showing pinterest with a red light hanging over it
Social Media Promotion Everything To Know About Becoming a Social Media Consultant

Quick Navigation What Is a Social Media Consultant? What Does a Social Media Consultant Do? Social Media Consulting vs. Social Media Management Why Do Companies Hire Social Media Consultants? How Do Companies Find Social Media Consultants? How Much Do Social Media Consultants Make? Benefits of Becoming a...

10 Sep 2021

3D social media icons on a black background
Social Media Promotion 30 Types of Social Media Content You Can Use for Marketing

Did you know many companies and organizations post on social media at least once per day? Following this strategy keeps your brand and content circulating in front of followers all the time. But after a while, your audience may get sick of the same old thing. Finding...

10 Sep 2021

scrabble tiles that spell out the word influencer on a white background
Marketing Channels Everything You Need To Know About Brand Influencer Marketing

Quick Navigation What Is Influencer Marketing? Why Do Brands Partner with Brand Influencers? The Influencer Marketing Landscape The Value of Influencer Marketing Types of Influencers What Do Brand Influencers Do? How Do You Become a Brand Influencer? Brand Influencer Payment 10 of the Most Successful Brand Influencers...

10 Sep 2021

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