Content marketing is much easier with the right toolbox. From content management systems to SEO analysis programs, building the perfect technology stack for your brand can help your team throughout the entire content creation, publication, and distribution process.

Image of hands typing on laptop with open window of data analytics, concept for what is gap analysis.

What Is a Content Gap Analysis?

Marketing teams have potentially endless options for content creation. How do you choose where to start? Content gap analysis is an effective way...

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Tools How To Use Google Analytics To Improve Your Content Marketing

Now that Universal Analytics (UA) is a thing of the past (and dearly missed), most of us have gotten acquainted with Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Or…at least we’re all getting there. There’s been more than a few changes (yes, we know), but there are plenty of ways...

1 Dec 2023

"Tracking Content and Analytics With Your HubSpot Reporting Features" text title in varying colors on blue backgound.
Tools Guide to Tracking Content and Analytics in HubSpot

Last week, we discussed creating newsletters with the HubSpot newsletter builder, with insights into using the tools and features to customize, optimize, and deliver your messages. This week, our final installment will dive into tracking your content and analytics in the HubSpot platform, with additional insights from Jennifer Nixon of WORQFLOW. We’ll cover...

26 Dec 2023

Blue background with yellow banner and text title, "Creating effective newsletters with the HubSpot newsletter builder."
Tools Creating Effective Email Newsletters With HubSpot

The HubSpot CRM is a robust platform that provides multiple levels of features to support both small and large-scale marketing campaigns. So, it’s no surprise that you’ll also find a newsletter builder included in the platform. This week, we’re taking a closer look at HubSpot’s visual newsletter builder and how you can...

18 Dec 2023

Creating and Using Lead Magnets with the HubSpot CMS.
Tools Creating and Using Lead Magnets With the HubSpot CMS

In the last guide, we covered how to create content using the HubSpot CMS to support a successful content marketing campaign through blogging with Jennifer Nixon. We looked at the features and how to get started creating content in the blog editor. This week, we’re looking at lead...

11 Dec 2023

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