25 Free Marketing Tools and How They Can Help Your Business

Jennifer Buggica


December 29, 2021 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

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In any business that has a product or service to sell, it’s likely that marketing tools can help you grow your customer base, establish loyalty with consumers, and cultivate your brand reputation. Marketing, in general, helps you get in front of the right audience for your offerings so you can realize maximum success. Think of marketing tools as a partner that helps you perform your job better and faster. Because marketing is a field that spans a countless number of industries, you’ll find several free marketing tools you can use. Here, we discuss why marketing tools are helpful and provide a list of free marketing tools that focus on website, content, and email marketing.

How Are Marketing Tools Helpful?

Here are some reasons that tools are helpful to businesses and their marketing campaigns:

  • Creating better strategies: Marketing tools help you see which areas of your marketing campaign are working and which areas need improvement. That can help you create more effective strategies, which attract your target audience and create a better overall campaign.
  • Reducing costs: Depending on the type of tools you use, you can reduce the costs of your marketing efforts in other areas of your campaign. That’s because some tools provide functions that might otherwise require multiple people or pieces of software to perform.
  • Generating feedback: Some marketing tools allow you to ask customers for feedback and engage better with your target audience. These tools can help you discover what your audience likes about your marketing campaigns and how you can pique their interest and meet consumer demand.
  • Saving time: Similar to helping you save money, marketing tools can also help you save time. That’s because some tools can help you automate certain tasks, such as sending out emails en masse, scheduling multiple social media posts, and developing written content more quickly.


6 Free Website Marketing Tools

Here is a list of six marketing tools you can use to create or improve your website:

1. WordPress

Image via WordPress

WordPress is a website creator and content management system (CMS). It allows you to develop your own website and use it to create and host various content online. WordPress’s web app has several features and templates that you can use to create a professional-looking website for your business or brand. It also allows for integrating many plug-ins, which can connect to other marketing tools like MailChimp and Google Analytics.

WordPress allows businesses to develop a place where they can entice people to become customers. It’s also a great way to create a blog that can help bring people to your site using creative content marketing techniques. The tool is free to all users, allowing them to develop their own website and content. However, it has limited storage capabilities and limited features unless you purchase a subscription package.

2. Wix

Image Wix

Wix is a website builder and CMS that allows people to develop their own site for whatever purpose they need. It also helps people create written content—like blogs—create logos, develop online scheduling, and manage SEO efforts. This tool is a great way for businesses to advertise their products and services while developing their online presence and brand. It can also help them with customer outreach as they develop a blog or other written content to attract more visitors to their website.

Wix allows people to create free accounts with hundreds of templates and hosting services. If people want additional features and tools, there are other subscription packages they can purchase.

3. TailWind CSS

Image via Tailwind CSS

TailWind CSS scans your website’s HTML files and Javascript components, then compiles them into an easy-to-use cascading style sheet (CSS). Businesses, with the help of computer coders and web developers, can use the CSS provided by TailWind to develop beautiful and unique designs for their websites. These designs can help attract more customers to their site and stand out from competitors.

TailWind is an open-source platform and offers all of its coding libraries and installation for free. If you want to avoid using a web developer or coding the site yourself, you can purchase a tailwind user interface (UI) kit to make it easier for you.

4. Wistia

Image via Wistia

Wistia is a video and podcast marketing platform that allows you to develop a fully customizable content player for your videos and podcasts. You can add these players to your company’s website. From there, the platform also provides you with helpful analytical tools, lead generation tools, and audience lists to use with unique ad campaigns.

If your business creates a lot of videos, Wistia is great for hosting your content and displaying it to your customers. The program then collects important data on those who view your video, so you can see how attentive they are to your content. It also helps you create more effective ad and marketing campaigns for your business. The free plan for Wistia comes with three videos and 200GB of bandwidth. It also puts a Wistia brand on the video player itself. The paid version of the program comes with additional features and no branding.

5. Hello Bar

Image via Hello Bar

Hello Bar is a pop-up creation tool that allows you to create effective advertisements and calls to action (CTAs) for your website. This can include header and footer bars, pop-up windows, and directed advertisements. Companies can use these ads to generate more conversions on their site. Whether they ask people to sign up for an email newsletter, or they prompt people to accept a promotion on an item in their cart, these pop-ups can be very effective for your marketing campaign.

The free forever package provides you with up to 5000 page views a month, a limit of 10 pop-ups, and unlimited subscribers. Other pricing packages include more of each.

6. MobileMonkey

Image via MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is a chatbot provider that gives people who visit your Facebook page or website a bot to chat with and ask questions. You can use MobileMonkey’s web app to create pre-determined answers for visitor questions. You can also create click-to-messenger ads and useful custom audience segments. Chatbots are a great way to answer customer questions and boost your conversion rate 24/7 without a constant customer service representative. You can also help direct customers to different products or services in which they might have an interest. MobileMonkey offers a free forever service with an unlimited number of contacts.

16 Free Content Marketing Tools

Here’s a list of content marketing tools to help you create written and visual content for all your channels:

1. Canva

Image via Canva

Canva is a web-based design tool. It helps businesses or individuals create visual materials for multiple mediums, including presentations, social media, print products, and marketing materials. The program also allows coworkers to collaborate on different projects through the site’s cloud system. Canva helps companies create things for different areas of their businesses. Whether they’re creating a presentation for investors or developing social media posts for their pages. There’s a free version of Canva that provides users with many royalty-free images, templates, and graphics. You also can invite collaborators and use 5GB of free cloud storage.

2. Medium

Image via Medium

Medium is a website that hosts writing content, such as blogs, stories, and poems. It allows writers to post different content that hopefully attracts the attention of readers. Some writers can even post content with the opportunity of getting paid for their work, depending on how many people read it.

Businesses can use the free service to post content on the website and hopefully attract people to their business. Neil Patel offers a guide to help people develop marketing material for Medium’s platform. If someone likes what the business or brand writes, they might feel more inclined to visit their website and see what products or services they offer. Medium is completely free to post your content without having to pay a subscription fee. If you want to make money, there’s also an option to join the Medium Partner Program.

3. Hemingway Editor

Image via Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is an online tool and desktop app that measures content readability. The tool scans through your written content and determines how difficult it is for readers to understand. It can point out complex sentences and mark areas of your content that could help improve its readability. Improving readability allows businesses to enhance their content’s quality and increase their outreach and audience satisfaction. It’s also one way to perform excellent SEO and increase the ranking of your website and content.

Hemingway Editor offers a free online version that people can use. It also has a paid version you can download for your computer.

4. Readability Test Tool

Image via WebFX

Readability Test Tool tells you about your written content’s readability score. You can copy and paste a URL in the tool to test a webpage, or copy and paste the written text. The tool provides a list of stats about your content but doesn’t highlight any specific things to change. The app also has a feature to embed its readability tester onto a webpage so you can click and test as you write. Just like for the Hemingway Editor, the Readability Test Tool can help increase your audience’s engagement and satisfaction. It can also improve your SEO efforts.

5. Emotional Value Headline Analyzer

Image via Advanced Marketing Institute

Emotional Value Headline Analyzer scans the headline or title you want to use for your article and tells you how much emotional value it offers to readers. Displaying emotional value in your headlines can help attract a larger audience to your brand and content. As the tool states, most companies have at least 30% to 40% of emotionally valuable words in their headlines to better engage with audiences.

6. Portent Tools

Image via Portent

Portent offers multiple free tools for marketing and content writing, including:

  • An SEO plug-in that analyzes page data
  • SERP preview tool to see how your content appears in search results
  • A tone of voice generator to see how you should address your audience
  • A content idea generator to develop headlines and topics

These tools can help you develop more impressive content marketing strategies and optimize your website and metadata to be more effective to search engines.

7. Audacity

Image via Audacity

Audacity is an audio recording and editing software. It allows you to record and edit multiple tracks of audio at once and add different effects. Businesses can use audacity to create audio content for promotional videos or podcasts. These materials can help you create more high-quality and engaging advertisements for your marketing campaign. Audacity is open-source software, which allows for unlimited free access.

8. YouTube

Image via YouTube

YouTube is a video hosting website that allows individuals and brands to upload and manage video content. Brands can create their own videos and channels to promote their products and services. They can also embed videos from YouTube onto their website and share video links easily through social media. YouTube is a free service that allows you to upload and manage as many videos as you want.

9. Edit Flow

Image via Edit Flow

Edit Flow is a WordPress plug-in that helps to manage content and communication within a business. Its features include creating a posting schedule, adding statuses to projects (such as the first draft, or needs editing), and making editorial comments on content to communicate more effectively with a marketing team. This tool allows for better communication between a business’ employees so it can create a more effective marketing strategy.

10. Content Editor

Image via Surfer SEO

Content Editor is an extension you can use with Google Chrome. It pairs only with WordPress or Google Docs. The extension reads your content and scans it for keywords that you input. You can also create a list of potential content and keywords you want to target. This can help companies target their keywords more effectively and manage their content marketing strategy. The extension is free, but its parent company, Surfer, offers other paid software and products that pair with it.

11. Pixabay

Image via Pixabay

Pixabay is a website that provides images you can download and use commercially for free. The images on the site are a part of the creative commons, which means you can use them for your website and content without infringing on any copyright laws. The only stipulations for the images are: they can’t show identifiable places, people, or brands. Royalty-free images can help you deliver high-quality content at a reasonable price. Adding pictures and images to your website and content can help attract more readers and visitors, and hopefully, convert more of them into customers.

12. Ahrefs SEO Tools

Image via Ahrefs

Ahrefs SEO Tools are free programs that provide different benefits to companies and businesses trying to improve their content marketing. The tools include things like:

  • Keyword generator
  • Keyword difficulty checker
  • Backlink checker
  • SERP checker
  • Keyword rank checker
  • Website authority checker

Ahrefs can help businesses maintain a powerful SEO strategy by using each of their tools for different purposes. Though each tool has its limits without a paid subscription to their software, they each have their own strengths and can help brands develop a sound marketing strategy.

13. Grammarly

Image via Grammarly

Grammarly is a grammar and spelling checker. It helps people write better by checking their pieces for errors. It also helps make suggestions to improve the clarity of sentences and fix punctuation, such as commas. Businesses can use tools like this to analyze their content and ensure they’re delivering quality articles and blogs to their audience. Grammarly is free to use with their web app or Chrome extension. However, paid subscriptions offer some additional features.

14. PlaceIt

Image via PlaceIt

PlaceIt is a marketing design, logo, and apparel creator. It helps you create visual materials that can attract more customers and visitors to your business. From mugs and t-shirts to effective social media designs and brand new logos, PlaceIt has a lot of options from which you can choose. Using a tool like PlaceIt, businesses can increase their brand awareness and develop a more effective marketing campaign to increase their customer outreach and audience following. PlaceIt has several free templates available for commercial use. If you want more templates and design options, you can purchase a paid subscription.

15. Piktochart

Image via Piktochart

Piktochart is a marketing visual design tool. The platform allows you to create infographics, posters, presentations, flyers, graphs, and more. It has many templates and other resources to help you get started. Businesses can use these tools to help promote their business and share important information with their audience. Visuals are always a great way to keep your audience engaged and entice them to interact with your company further.

16. Wideo

Image via Wideo

Wideo is a tool that allows you to create videos and different animations using your own footage or stock footage and templates the website provides. You can then upload those videos directly to Facebook or YouTube. Using this tool, businesses can create an eye-catching and engaging video presentation to talk about their brand and the products or services they sell. This is a great way to capture a larger audience and improve customer outreach. The free version of Wideo allows you to create a one-minute video that’s branded. They also have 10 free templates for you to choose from.

3 Free Email Marketing Tools

Here is a list of three email marketing tools you can use with your business:

1. HubSpot Email Marketing

Image via HubSpot

HubSpot Email Marketing is a tool for designing and creating personalized emails. It helps you develop impressive-looking emails to send to customers and viewers. It also has special tools that allow you to personalize the emails depending on the reader’s personal information. Finally, you can also test multiple designs to see which ones readers are more receptive to.

HubSpot’s Email Marketing tool is great because it can help businesses create and send meaningful emails to customers. This can help improve their click-through rate and hopefully increase their sales at the same time. HubSpot offers a free version of their tool that people can use indefinitely. However, paid subscribers unlock additional software features and benefits.

2. Sumo

Image via Sumo

Sumo is an email capture tool for marketing and customer growth. It helps you develop windows and pop-ups for your website that entice visitors to give their email addresses to you. It uses several key features to entice users to sign-up for your newsletter and updates. Those features include a welcome mat, a list builder, and a smart bar.

Building an email list is important for businesses that send out newsletters and other important marketing materials to their customers. Using a tool like Sumo, companies can develop their email lists more easily and increase their customer base. The free version includes a lot of features, such as 10,000 emails a month, an email campaigns manager, e-commerce tools, and helpful analytics.

3. MailChimp

Image via MailChimp

Mail Chimp is an email marketing and CMS service that can help people develop and market a website. It offers impressive design tools that help people build web pages and create engaging marketing materials. You can create an e-commerce store, develop email newsletters, and use the impressive marketing customer relationship management (CRM) software with up to 2000 contacts.

Email newsletters are a great way to deliver information to individuals and create a more personalized experience for your customers. That’s because you send email marketing directly to their inbox. If you use MailChimp for its website services as well, it can allow you to manage your customers and visitors more easily with its email marketing tool. The free version of MailChimp allows up to 2000 contacts and 12,000 emails per day.

Whether you need help with email, content, or social media marketing, having the right tools can make the job easier and more cost effective. Using the tools in this guide, you can save some money on your marketing campaign and ensure any subscriptions you purchase are worth the price.

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