37 No-Cost Analysis, Preparation, and Social Media Marketing Tools


Published: December 29, 2021 (Updated: January 6, 2022)

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Looking for more marketing tools? Our list of tools for your website, content, and email can help elevate your marketing efforts.

Marketing can be one of the most effective departments for a business. But that often means it can also be the most costly. As you work to develop and improve your company’s brand awareness, using free marketing tools can help reduce those costs and ensure any money you spend on your advertising is worth it. In this article, we share 62 free tools for your marketing stack. We’ve omitted any products or software that are only free for a trial period, so each tool in this article you can use indefinitely, free of charge.

What Are Marketing Tools?

Marketing tools are programs and software that help companies develop and improve their marketing strategies. Because there are so many areas of a marketing campaign, there are various types of tools that businesses can use to help in each one. For example, there are tools that can help run email marketing campaigns, develop high-quality content, and manage a company’s web pages. Depending on what area of your campaign you wish to improve, it’s helpful to see what marketing tools are available and how you can benefit from them.

14 Free Marketing Analysis Tools

Here are different tools you can use to analyze your marketing efforts:

1. CopyPress Content Analysis Tool

CopyPress‘ Content Analysis tool allows you to review the content on your website and compare it to your top three competitors. It can inform users about their traffic, most popular keywords, backlinks, and holes in their content marketing strategy, or “low-hanging fruit.” These opportunities are keywords that your competitors rank for in the top 100 search results, but you don’t.

This tool helps businesses understand if they need to adjust their marketing strategy. It can also help them find possible content syndication opportunities through a list of potential partners they can contact. Though we often reserve this content marketing tool for clients, we’re offering it for a limited time without charge.


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2. Google Analytics

Image via Google Analytics

Analytics is a website analysis tool from Google that provides important data about a domain. It can tell website owners information like how many people visit their site, how long they stay, and their bounce rate. It can also help companies determine if there are pages that might not be performing well enough. Having the ability to see how your website is performing can help you make better marketing decisions. This can increase how many visitors your site receives and possibly improve your conversion rate.

You can pair Google Analytics with Google Ads to help your marketing efforts even further. While Analytics is free, if you pair it with Ads, you might have to pay a fee depending on the type of ad campaign you wish to run.

3. Spider SEO by Screaming Frog

Image via Screaming Frog

Spider SEO is a tool that scans your website and analyzes the strength of your current SEO strategy. It identifies broken links, analyzes page details and metadata, and discovers duplicate content. You can also schedule site audits to help analyze your website consistently.

Spider SEO helps businesses understand how their SEO efforts are working and correct any issues with their SEO strategy. This can help them generate more organic traffic and make their content marketing campaign as efficient as possible. The free version allows the crawling and analysis of 500 URLs. Paying for a subscription can increase how much of your website the tool analyzes.

4. Hotjar

Image via Hotjar

Hotjar is a tool that analyzes your website and shows you how visitors interact with it using heat maps and other forms of data analysis. This can include where they scroll, click, or use their mouse. It can also tell you where users often leave the page or what keeps their attention. You can then use the tool to generate surveys and gain helpful feedback from people about your website and its functions.

Businesses can use this tool to generate a lot of useful information and better understand how their website functions. It can also let them test different website designs to create more effective final products. Hotjar has a basic version which is free. It includes manually captured data, three heat maps, and up to 300 recordings of users on the site. Companies can also create three surveys and save them for future use.

5. Link Explorer

Image via Moz

Link Explorer is a website and competitor analysis tool by Moz. The tool allows businesses to enter a website domain and find useful information about it, such as where the domain ranks in search, why it ranks that way, and possible link-building opportunities. Companies can analyze their own website, or look at other sites and see how they’re performing and why they’re successful.

This tool can be useful for companies to improve the ranking of their website or to help them understand their competitors. Using that information, they can make more informed decisions about their domain and brand to improve their customer outreach. Link Explorer offers 10 free searches a month.

6. Segment

Image via Segment

Segment is a marketing analysis tool. It collects customer data from different sources and compiles them for different company departments, including marketing, engineering, and sales. It can also help companies develop real-time campaigns that track customers’ behavior to create more effective email marketing materials. This type of information can be invaluable to businesses and help them create materials that target and attract more customers. Segment offers a free version of the software, which includes data on 1000 visitors per month and up to 300 integrations.

7. Website Grader

Image via HubSpot

Website Grader is a tool by HubSpot that informs you how well you’ve built your website and offers suggestions on how to improve it. It ranks your website in four categories: performance, SEO, mobile, and security. Then, it gives your website an overall score, along with suggestions on how to fix any problems with each category. The website is often the hub of a business’s online presence. It’s important that it’s as powerful and optimized as possible. If your website has a slow performance or minimal SEO, fewer people may want to visit and use it.

8. Siteliner

Image via Siteliner

Siteliner is a tool that scans your website and uncovers important information, such as loading times, broken pages, and duplicate content. By seeing how your website is performing, you can improve your web pages and fix any issues that might distract or repel visitors. You can also check to see if there are any duplicate content pieces or web pages you can delete. That can help you optimize your content and improve your search ranking.

9. Yoast SEO

Image via Yoast

Yoast SEO is a tool that helps you improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. The plug-in allows you to add structured data to your content, teach you about SEO through training courses, and add keyword trackers to your blogs and articles. This tool helps businesses track, improve, and implement their SEO strategy in WordPress. That allows them to manage their content effectively and rank more easily on search engines, so people can find their website.

Yoast SEO offers a free version of its plug-in to assist businesses on WordPress. If you want additional features, you can also buy a paid, yearly subscription.

10. SpyFu

Image via SpyFu>

SpyFu is an SEO analysis tool that delivers information to the user about their website’s performance and how it’s currently ranking compared to its competitors. It also shows other information, such as the top-performing keywords, recommendations for Google ad purchases, and how much of your site is organic traffic versus paid. You can also examine important SEO and backlink information, such as your top pages, which keywords you’re ranking for on the top 10 search engine results pages (SERPs), which keywords have fallen out of the top 10, and some websites that backlink to yours.

Businesses can use these tools to help them learn more about their websites and better understand their online presence. However, they can also use it to look at competitors and see how they’re performing and targeting their own keywords. SpyFu is free to use, but it has limited functions if you don’t pay for a subscription. It’s also possible if you don’t have a lot of keywords that rank in the top 50 or 100 pages of Google, the tool might not give you a lot of information.

11. SimilarWeb

Image via SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a free website analysis tool that lets you see important information about your domain. It lists your website’s current ranking, traffic overview, top organic keywords, and your major competitors. This information can help you understand how your website is performing. From there, you can make informed decisions to improve its ranking and conduct thorough competitor analysis. You can also look at your competitors’ websites and see how they’re currently performing as well. SimilarWeb is free to use, but it offers additional features and information with a paid subscription.

12. Browseo

Image via Browseo

Browseo is a website analysis tool. It helps you see the metadata of your webpages, the internal and external links on the page, and how your page would show up on Google search results. Businesses can use this information to help them see how search engines might view their websites. If your website is missing important information, such as the title tag or meta description, you can see that information on Browseo and make the necessary changes right away.

13. Countly

Image via Countly

Countly is an analytic software that measures your website and provides helpful statistics. This can include individual customer analytics, retention rates, and customer behavior while on the site. You can also use the application to create push notifications to help drive customers back to your application and domain. Businesses can use this information to make more informed marketing decisions and improve their website. That way, they can keep more customers and boost their conversion rates.

14. SurveyMonkey

Image via SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey helps you send out surveys to customers to learn more about their interests or demands and how you can meet them. Businesses can use this tool to better understand their target market and create more effective marketing strategies. It can also help them develop better products to meet their customers’ needs. SurveyMonkey offers a free forever plan that includes an unlimited number of surveys, 10 questions per survey, and 40 responses per survey.

9 Free Marketing Preparation Tools

Here is a list of free marketing tools you can use to prepare for your marketing campaigns:

1. CopyPress Knowledge Base

CopyPress‘ Knowledge Base is a digital marketing resource to help you improve your marketing knowledge and strategies. On CopyPress’s website, explore articles that cover topics such as content marketing, social media promotion, and content syndication. Learn about how you can create key marketing strategies for your brand. CopyPress also has a library, where you can find free eBooks to download and develop key areas of your marketing comprehension. These eBooks, which cover topics such as site crawl analysis and the current content ecosystem, can help you create more effective marketing campaigns and learn about new marketing opportunities for your business.

Learning new marketing information can help you find gaps in your content marketing strategy and improve your efforts for your current and future campaigns. CopyPress Knowledge Base is free indefinitely for all website visitors.

2. Google Trends

Image via Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool people can use to discover current trends on Google’s search engine. It allows businesses to search for keywords and determine their current popularity. It also teaches them how the keyword has changed in popularity over time and other keywords that apply to their search. These tools can help businesses better understand current online trends and plan their content around them. This can help increase their brand awareness and ensure people can learn about their products and services.

3. Google Alerts

Image via Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a notification tool that tells people when new articles or blogs are ranking for a specific keyword. When new results for a search term appear, Google emails the person who requested the alert, notifying them of the change.

Google Alerts allows businesses to set up notifications to let them know when new high-ranking content appears on Google’s search engine. This way, they can monitor their competitors and know when they need to update certain content. It can also keep them updated on industry terms and topics so they can write more interesting blogs and articles on those subjects. For example, if a company notices a lot of competitors are talking about a recent event or product release, they can write their own article on that subject to compete.

4. Zest

Image via Zest

Zest is a content marketing news database that connects to your browser. It provides you with a compilation of current marketing news stories and trends curated by a community of marketing experts. The tool allows users to bookmark articles and engage with other members of the community. Having these articles at your disposal can help you learn new marketing techniques you can apply to your own campaigns. It also allows you to see what type of strategies your competitors might be using.

5. Feedly

Image via Feedly

Feedly is a marketing research tool that curates and displays a custom newsfeed for you from multiple online sources. People can fill out a questionnaire on the tool to inform it what subjects interest them most. Feedly then creates a newsfeed with content on those topics. Businesses can use this software to develop better content marketing strategies. They can discover important news and find what’s currently trending in their industry and also see what their competitors are publishing. Feedly offers a free version that includes following up to 100 sources and three different customized feeds that target different topics.


Image via is a keyword research tool that allows you to input a keyword and receive up to 750 similar keywords you can target in your content. That includes different long-tail keyword suggestions, keywords as questions, and keywords with additional prepositions. Businesses can use this tool for free to help them generate new content topics. It allows you to export the list of keywords in different ways, including copying and pasting them into a list or downloading a spreadsheet. is free to use indefinitely, but you can pay for the pro version to see more information about the keywords, including their traffic, competition, and current upward or downward trend.

7. Answer the Public

Image via Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a keyword and topic generation tool that takes a keyword as an input and displays the most popular questions and searches surrounding it. This can help businesses see what’s being searched for surrounding their brand’s topics and the type of content they can create for it. This can help them create a more effective content strategy and develop better, more engaging blogs and articles. Answer the Public is a free service that offers three free searches a day on its web app. Purchasing the most basic subscription provides you with unlimited searches a day.

8. Ubersuggest

Image via Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a keyword generation tool created by Neil Patel. It allows you to search a domain and learn about its organic keywords, traffic, and backlinks. You can also search for a keyword and find information on other related keyword suggestions for your brand to use in the future. This tool can help businesses figure out where they stand against their competitors and help them develop a more impressive content marketing strategy. It can also show the gaps in their content strategy to help them stay competitive. Ubersuggest offers three free searches a day.

9. Keyword Surfer

Image via Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a free Google Chrome extension that generates keywords and topic ideas. It reveals monthly search volumes for keywords, generates ideas for content topics, and displays data for top pages, such as their traffic and the keywords they target. This tool analyzes pages on Google search results that can help businesses plan their content strategy and examine their competitors. By doing this, they can find easy opportunities and create content that targets keywords in which their audience might find interest. This can help improve their traffic and hopefully increase their conversions as well.

14 Free Social Media Marketing Tools

Here’s a list of tools to help you improve your social media marketing:

1. Buffer

Image via Buffer

Buffer is a social media marketing tool. It allows companies to perform different tasks, including measuring their social media performance, engaging with commenters, and creating and managing marketing campaigns. Having the ability to coordinate social media channels and marketing can increase the effectiveness of your brand’s advertising. It can also help you see how receptive your audience is to your social media posts. The software offers a free version, which gives businesses up to three channels to use. However, to receive analytical and engagement tools, users need the Pro version of the software.

2. Crowdfire

Image via Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a social media management tool that allows you to search for social media posts that apply to your brand and the content you want to produce. It also allows you to develop social media posts for multiple platforms and schedule when you publish them. The tool can help you take content from your site and repurpose it into new content for social media.

The tool is helpful for businesses because it allows them to manage their social media accounts more efficiently. Scheduling posts and creating content that people want to see can help brands become more trustworthy and reliable. This can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Crowdfire has a free subscription that gives users the ability to add three separate social media accounts and manage them in the software. It also allows them to see analytics for each day of posting.

3. Followerwonk

Image via Followerwonk

Followerwonk is a Twitter analytics tool that allows you to grow your Twitter presence and brand. You can search different Twitter bios to find influencers, learn more about your own followers and who they follow, and monitor how your tweets and activity affect the followers you gain or lose. Having a strong social media presence is a great way to market your brand, as well as its products and services. When you use an analytics tool, like Followerwonk, you can make more informed social media decisions and improve your customer outreach.

Followerwonk has a free version that allows you to use some of its base features and see how the tool can help your social media marketing. If you want even more features, you can pay for different subscription packages.

4. Fanpage Karma

Image via Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma allows you to track the analytics of your social media accounts, engage with customers and followers, schedule posts, and contact influencers to promote your brand. These features help businesses keep track of their social media engagement and determine how their posts and content are performing. If some of their strategies aren’t working, they can make informed decisions to fix them. Fanpage Karma offers a 14-day free trial for people to use all the software’s included features. After the trial, it also offers an indefinite free version that allows users to track the analytics of one Facebook account.

5. Barometer by Agorapulse

Image via Agorapulse

Barometer by Agorapulse is a Facebook page analytics tool that helps you compare your pages to similar brands and businesses. It also helps you figure out how much engagement your posts are receiving and allows you to develop a Facebook marketing strategy by understanding your organic reach. A lot of businesses use Facebook’s paid advertising to boost the engagement of their posts. But understanding how to reach people organically can help increase your loyal fanbase and grow your social media presence.

Barometer by Agorapulse is free to use indefinitely. They also offer other free marketing tools on the company site. However, to use the barometer and analyze your social media presence, your Facebook page needs at least 100 fans or followers.

6. MentionMapp

Image via MentionMapp

MentionMapp is a Twitter social analytics tool that allows you to see a visual map of who’s mentioning and retweeting your brand or posts. You can also use it to search for popular brands and hashtags. This can allow you to see what people are talking about and if there are any current trends you should be following. This can help you better understand your target audience and learn more about your Twitter social media campaigns.

When you post something, you can see the reactions it receives in real time and understand if some posts deliver better results compared to others. You can also see who your followers are retweeting and engaging with to determine how you should approach your marketing efforts. MentionMapp is free to use and allows users up to 50 searches every month.

7. Zoho Social

Image via Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a marketing tool that provides people with the ability to post on multiple social media platforms and organize their social media marketing more efficiently. Having the ability to manage all of your social platforms on one account can help you create a more effective marketing approach. This can help you generate more followers and show that your brand consistently posts content and is active in its social media community. The free version of the software allows one account, one brand, a browser extension, and publishing on seven channels. However, paid subscriptions offer more features, like scheduling posts.

8. Facebook Audience Insights

Image via Facebook

Facebook Audience Insights, which you can access on Facebook’s website, provides you with information about who’s accessing and interacting with your Facebook business page. It can tell you more about your audience’s demographic, what their interests are, and where they’re geographically located. This information can help you learn more about who likes your business and the patterns your audience follows. That can allow you to develop content that’s more targeted to your followers and allow you to increase your traffic and conversion rate.


Image via provides different tools to businesses and individuals to help them develop a better social media marketing plan. You can plan up to 15 social media posts, manage two platforms, and post 50 times every month. This tool can help you plan your social media marketing more effectively and write out your posts ahead of time. It also allows you to coordinate two different social media platforms at once. has a free forever version, which includes all the features listed above. If you want more features, you can pay for different subscription packages.

10. TweetDeck

Image via TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a social media marketing platform you can use in several ways, including observing multiple areas of your Twitter feed at one time. For instance, you can have one column of just the people who “@” or mention you or your brand and another column of what’s currently trending. You can also schedule your tweets to post on different days. The web app even lets you seamlessly switch between your Twitter accounts without signing in or out.

Businesses that want to develop a stronger social media presence can use TweetDeck to engage more easily with their customers. This can help increase the brand’s awareness and develop more traffic to their Twitter profiles. TweetDeck used to be a separate software, but Twitter purchased it and it is now free for all users.

11. Hootsuite

Image via Hootsuite

Hootsuite allows you to manage two social media accounts and schedule up to five posts in advance with its free program. Through the web app, you can see who’s mentioned your brand on their own social media, and respond to comments or messages sent to your profile. Through the scheduler, you can add text, images, and links to your posts and place when and where you want them to publish.

This allows businesses to deliver a more consistent social media experience to their customers. It also helps them stay active in their social media community and improve their brand presence and awareness. The free version of Hootsuite has some limited features, described above, while the paid versions offer more tools.

12. Tailwind App

Image via Tailwind App

Tailwind App allows you to create a more effective social media marketing campaign easily. Using the app, you can create eye-catching posts using designs and templates, schedule posts ahead of time, and find the best hashtags to use with your content through the app’s optimizer. The optimizer can also help you reach a wider audience and develop a more effective marketing strategy. The free forever plan allows you to schedule and create 20 posts a month, 20 designs a month, and gives you single account access for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

13. Mention

Image via Mention

Mention allows you to schedule unlimited social media posts, manage three social accounts, and monitor different newsfeeds and media on multiple platforms and channels. Businesses can use this tool to improve their social media marketing by helping them see how their followers interact with different social media posts. Having an unlimited number of posts they can schedule also allows businesses to plan out their social media strategy and create a consistent online presence for their brand. Mention offers a free forever version of their software with the features listed above.


Image via IFTTT

IFTTT stands for “If This Then That” and it’s a tool that helps people connect multiple apps together and automate different online functions. It allows you to create “if statements” that result in positive effects. For example, you could tell the app “If I post to Instagram, then take the photo and upload it to Twitter as well.”

Businesses can have their social media apps talk to one another, but it can help other marketing systems and applications talk to each other as well. For instance, you could have Facebook automatically post every time you publish a blog or article on your website. The free forever version of IFTTT allows for the creation and use of five applets.


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