23 Amazing Online Reputation Management (ORM) Tools


Published: February 8, 2022

Companies and brands often work hard to avoid critical reviews because they can negatively affect their sales, revenue, and online image. In fact, 94% of consumers say a bad review convinced them to avoid a business. It’s important to maintain a respectable and trustworthy presence in the eyes of your customers, especially online. That’s why there are online reputation management tools to help you manage your brand’s image and how people perceive it. In this article, we discuss:


What Is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management (ORM) is the act of maintaining a positive and trustworthy image on the internet. Essentially, you want to make sure that people see your brand in a good light, so they continue to buy your products and services.

When performing ORM, companies might use different tools and strategies to monitor what people say about their business actively on different channels. This can include review websites, social media, and the brand’s blog. If someone leaves a negative review or comment, it’s good for companies to respond to it right away. This helps minimize any damage the review or comment might cause and shows other people that the company is good at responding and communicating with its customers.

23 Best Online Reputation Management Tools

There are several tools that companies can use to help manage their online reputation. Some of those tools include:

1. Reputology

Screenshot of Reputology software

Image via Reputology

Reputology collects reviews from different websites, including Facebook, Google, and employee review sites. It then puts them all in one place where companies and brands can monitor and analyze them. From the tool’s dashboard, companies can also respond to the reviews and attempt to counteract any negative comments. The app also measures your online performance and reputation to see how you’re doing and where you can improve. By having a better understanding of their online performance, companies can develop a better ORM strategy and create a strong loyalty with their consumers.

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2. Mention

Screenshot of Mention Software

Image via Mention

Mention allows businesses to monitor what people are saying about them online. This includes what customers say on websites, blogs, forums, and social media pages. Brands can also use the app to schedule posts and add to their own social media accounts. It even has a feature that generates reports on their current online reputation to see how they can adjust their marketing or customer service strategies. By having a better understanding of what people are saying about your brand and scheduling your posts, you can create a more positive and consistent online presence to attract your target audience.

3. The Brand Grader

Screenshot of The Brand Grader ORM Tool

Image via Mention

The Brand Grader is a free tool powered by Mention. It provides brands with a quick overview of their current online reputation. It includes information such as the most current forum or news mentions, a percentage of positive and negative reviews, and how many mentions people make about a company on different platforms. The tool only displays information from the past 30 days, so it has limitations, but it can provide you with a nice overview of your brand and its current online reputation.

4. Buzzsumo

Screenshot of Buzzsumo Software

Image via Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a digital marketing tool that allows companies to check their current online performance. It also comes with other helpful tools that let companies perform competitor analysis and discover current trends or popular content. Buzzsumo accomplishes this by examining the mentions a brand receives online, as well as the mentions its competitors and other popular brands receive. By seeing how your own company is performing compared to your competitors, you can develop a stronger marketing strategy and find new ways to attract your target audience.

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5. Buffer

Screenshot of Buffer Software

Image via Buffer

Buffer is a social media management tool that allows businesses to monitor their accounts, measure their engagement, and respond to consumer comments or reviews. Though a business’s online reputation reaches farther than social media, it’s important for companies to make sure they have a strong social media presence and engage with consumers frequently. This tool allows you to manage your social media consistently. That can help you minimize the effects of any negative comments because you can show your customers that you care about their wellbeing and satisfaction.

6. BrandMentions

Screenshot of BrandMentions Software

Image via BrandMentions

BrandMentions is a tool that provides companies with the ability to track their business and brand more effectively. It can track when customers mention a brand on social media and it can search and display relevant hashtags. It can also help inform companies about their current online performance and how people are interacting with their brand. Knowing when people mention your brand and how they interact with it online can help you better understand your target audience. This can help you keep your customers for longer and entice more of them to make a purchase.

7. GatherUp

Screenshot of GatherUp software

Image vis GatherUp

GatherUp allows businesses to see reviews for their brands from multiple sources all in one place. It can also generate reports and gain insights into a brand’s reputation. Some other tools it has includes:

  • Responding to customer complaints and feedback
  • Generating automated procedures to respond to customers more frequently
  • Creating engaging social media posts using quotes and images from customer reviews


This tool can help you understand how customers perceive your company online. This can help you better understand what your customers want from your company so you can deliver a stronger marketing message.

8. YouScan

Screenshot of YouScan software

Image via YouScan

YouScan is a social media monitoring tool that captures all of your brand’s mentions on social media and displays them on the software’s dashboard. It offers a lot of similar features as other software programs, but what makes it unique is its image recognition tool. This tool can spot and identify different brand logos on social media posts to better understand when people are highlighting or showing off a brand. You can use this feature to see who’s talking about your company or to see who’s talking about your competitors.

9. Brand24

Screenshot of Brand24 Software

Image via Brand24

Brand24 lets companies see what consumers are saying about their brand and gives them the ability to respond right away. The tool pools all the brand’s mentions and reviews into one location that’s easy for companies to access and manage. You can use this tool to respond to customers who might have negative comments or critiques about your business more quickly. Responding helps you demonstrate that you care about your consumers’ thoughts. Reading reviews can help you gain invaluable feedback to improve your products, services, and overall brand.

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10. ReviewPush

Screenshot of ReviewPush software

Image via ReviewPush

ReviewPush allows companies to monitor reviews people leave about their business. The tool lets companies view a compilation from several review sites, respond to reviews directly through their email, and manage the reputation of multiple business locations. If your company manages a franchise or multiple branches, this tool allows you to do that with ease. You can use it to organize reviews based on location and understand if there are any underperforming areas of your business.

11. Google Alerts

Screenshot of Google Alerts

Image via Google

Google Alerts allows people to sign up for email notifications that Google sends when it adds new, specific content to its search engine. People can choose to target different keywords and topics so they can stay up to date on different areas of their industry or see how people are mentioning their brand online. Businesses can use this tool to discover when someone writes an article, review, or piece of content that targets their brand. This helps brands understand their current online reputation and if they need to respond to any negative reviews or content that targets their company.

12. Chatmeter

Screenshot of Chatmeter software

Image via Chatmeter

Chatmeter collects reviews from all over the internet, including social media, and compiles them into one place for businesses to use. This allows businesses to respond to the reviews directly and see if there are specific areas of their company they might need to adjust. The tool also analyzes the quality and quantity of reviews left for a brand and measures it against the brand’s competitors. Just like ReviewPushChatmeter also offers great help to businesses with multiple branches or stores because you can organize reviews based on location and operation.

13. BrandYourself

Screenshot of BrandYourself

Image via BrandYourself

BrandYourself allows companies to analyze reviews for both their brand and the professionals who work for it. It provides you with different tools to research competitors, understand current trends, and respond to customers at scale using a simple selection of building blocks for each message. Having a quick and easy way to respond to customers can help you maintain your online reputation by giving people answers more promptly. The quicker you respond to an issue or negative review, the better you can appear in the eyes of your audience.


Screenshot of

Image via

Reputation allows companies to manage and analyze all reviews and mentions of their company in one easy-to-access location. It also allows you to track and manage your social media presence. You can even create surveys to send to customers, so you can better understand what they want from your brand and create more engaging content. Reputation provides additional tools that can help you with your digital marketing as well. Those tools can help you better understand your target audience, create more effective products and services for your customers, and improve your sales and revenue.

15. Meltwater

Screenshot of Meltwater Software

Image via Meltwater

Meltwater provides companies with a social listening tool that uncovers what people are saying about their brand and its products or services. It searches all forms of content, including podcasts and blogs, to determine what people are saying about your company and who’s listening to them. Knowing who on the internet has influence over what people think about your company can help you find influencers to partner with. Those influencers can help you sell and advertise your products and services. They can also help you engage with your target audience and understand what they’re looking for in your company.

16. Reputation Health

Screenshot of Reputation Health

Image via Reputation Health

Reputation Health is an ORM tool designed for healthcare facilities. It allows them to monitor reviews and respond to them from the tool’s dashboard. It also allows healthcare facilities to see reports and analytics on their practice and online reputation. You can use this data to compare multiple care locations, measure against competitors, and see reviews on specific physicians. Ensuring that your facility is responding to customer complaints and addressing feedback can help you improve patient satisfaction and train your employees to deliver better care.

17. SentiOne

Screenshot of SentiOne Software

Image via SentiOne

SentiOne is a tool that helps companies perform online listening through channels inside and outside of their social media accounts. It allows businesses to discover who’s mentioning them online and display what exactly people are saying about their brand. It also helps brands manage any crises by providing instant responses to customers across the web all from one convenient location. The software also has an AI customer service automation tool that allows customers to speak or chat with someone who can assist them with general tasks or questions 24/7.

18. HootSuite

Screenshot of Hootsuite Software

Image via HootSuite

HootSuite is, foremost, a social media monitoring tool. But it also works well with monitoring customers’ opinions about your brand. It also helps you engage with them by providing you a space to respond to comments and private messages. Having the ability to respond to messages from multiple accounts is helpful because you can promptly respond to questions and customer concerns.

HootSuite can also integrate with ReviewTracker to help you spot negative online reviews and respond to them quickly. It’s helpful to know what people are saying about your brand on social media so you can understand your current online reputation and if you need to make adjustments to your marketing.

19. Brandwatch

Screenshot of Brandwatch

Image via Brandwatch

Brandwatch provides companies with crisis management tools that give them real-time responses to see what their customers are saying about them. It also helps compile data about current trends and shows businesses what their target audience is most interested in or excited about. The tool then displays that information in an easily shareable dashboard that everyone in the marketing department can review, so they know what they need to target or improve. Having a consensus within your company about what you need to work on or target can help you create more effective marketing materials that can attract more customers.

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20. BirdEye

Screenshot of BirdEye Software

Image via BirdEye

BirdEye allows companies to see all the reviews that customers give their business and respond to them. It also generates even more reports about reviews and feedback to develop a stronger brand and online rating. Companies can ask customers to leave reviews through BirdEye’s tools and post them right to Google, Facebook, or other websites. Asking for reviews is just as important as managing them. It helps companies generate a higher rating overall and gain invaluable feedback to improve their business and brand.

21. Podium

Screenshot of Podium Software

Image via Podium

Podium allows companies to ask for reviews from customers and provides an easy way for them to give feedback on a business’ products and services. That’s because the software offers tools that help businesses create feedback surveys through text messaging to make the process simple for their consumers. Companies can also use Podium’s dashboard to reply to any of those reviews and engage with their customers more effectively. The software provides opportunities for you to connect with customers through email, text, or video chat, so you can communicate with them no matter what device they’re using.

22. Awario

Screenshot of Awario Software

Image via Awario

Awario allows brands to better understand what customers are saying about them. It takes the mentions that brands receive on social media and elsewhere on the web. Then, it provides them with powerful analytics to understand exactly what these mentions and engagement mean for their brand. You can use this information to make more informed decisions about your brand’s online reputation and make adjustments to your marketing to improve your rating and achieve your goals.

23. Yext

Screenshot of Yext

Image via Yext

Yext provides a one-stop-shop for brands to view, manage, and respond to customer reviews. It can also help companies generate reviews from customers and diminish negative comments. It can then organize those reviews by labeling them and creating an efficient customer service workflow. Having an efficient workflow can help you develop a better online reputation and respond to customer complaints or questions more quickly. This can help you negate critical reviews and develop a stronger online presence.

No matter which tool you use, it’s important to update your online reputation and create a well-respected online presence. This can help you improve your customer satisfaction and hopefully generate even more sales and revenue. Looking for more ways to improve your online presence? CopyPress has a team of experts who know how to create quality content that will boost your engagement and your organic traffic. Schedule a free call with us today and start boosting your online reputation!


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