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Tools Guide: How To Create Content Using the HubSpot CMS

Most businesses out there recognize the value of content marketing for promoting products and services. While there are multiple approaches to content marketing, blogging is inherently vital to a successful strategy. Authoritative, high-quality blog content proves to be an essential element to engage and attract wider audiences....

4 Dec 2023

Marked checklist on a clipboard. How to build customer personas concept.
Tools How To Build Buyer Personas for Content Marketing

Find out how to build buyer personas for content marketing and use these valuable tools to refine content and plan a better strategy.

27 Jan 2023

conceptual image with social connection, concept for using demographics for audience profiling, image via Wirestock on iStock.
Tools Using Demographics for Audience Profiling

As your brand grows, your audience expands along with you. While generating more customers is great, it can also make your marketing campaigns too broad if you don’t adapt them. Using demographics for audience profiling overcomes this and helps you create highly personalized marketing campaigns that capture...

18 Jan 2023

businesswomen using advance technology hologram computer display business information data. Concept for keyword gap analysis.
Tools How To Conduct Keyword Gap Analysis

Ranking on the first page of Google is an uphill battle. Luckily, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to smooth out the process. Conducting keyword gap analysis gives us insight into high-value keywords that our content strategy should focus on. After all, if it’s generating...

30 Dec 2022

Magnifying glass on laptop keyboard, SEO and keyword gap analysis concept.
Tools Keyword Gap Analysis Tools for Planning Your Strategy

Keyword gap analysis tools help you get a leg up on your competition. Instead of planning a strategy that you hope works, gap analysis tools ensure your team crafts high-impact content marketing campaigns every single time. Creating content with purpose allows you to fill keyword gaps, strengthen...

29 Dec 2022

Image of hands typing on laptop with open window of data analytics, concept for what is gap analysis.
Tools What Is a Content Gap Analysis?

Marketing teams have potentially endless options for content creation. How do you choose where to start? Content gap analysis is an effective way of reviewing your current pieces and channels and identifying opportunities to improve. Instead of creating pieces on random topics, this form of SEO planning...

16 Dec 2022

KPI Key Performance Indicator for Business Concept - Modern graphic interface showing symbols of job target evaluation and analytical numbers for marketing KPI management. Concept for creating audience profile for b2b ads.
Tools Your Guide to Creating an Audience Profile for B2B Ads

Understanding your target audience is critical for any marketing campaign, including developing B2B ads. After all, how can you create an effective ad if you don’t know who you’re trying to reach? To produce B2B ads that will impact your target audience, start by creating an audience...

30 Nov 2022

digital marketing dashboard, infographics financial charts and graphs on screen of computer. Concept for how to set up a digital marketing dashboard.
Tools How To Set Up a Digital Marketing Dashboard (And What to Avoid)

A digital marketing dashboard is a data visualization tool that helps you see the most important metrics for any campaign in one place. But finding and tracking those metrics won’t happen by chance. Your team must know how to choose, set up, and use the tools to...

23 Nov 2022

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) using Business Intelligence (BI) metrics to measure achievement versus planned target, person touching screen icon, success, concept for marketing campaign dashboards vs reports.
Tools Marketing Campaign Dashboards vs Marketing Reports: What’s the Difference?

Your marketing campaigns are only as good as your reporting. Read that again. You can run a stellar marketing campaign your audience loves, but if you can’t figure out how it helps your brand goals, you’re missing a gigantic piece of the benefits. Today we’re looking at...

22 Nov 2022

Business people group looking at charts, spreadsheets, graph financial development, bank accounts, statistics, economy, data analysis, investment analysis, stock exchange, concept for choosing marketing dashboards for performance tracking.
Tools Choosing Marketing Dashboards for Performance Tracking

To make the most of all the juicy data available for marketers in the business world, teams rely on marketing dashboards for performance tracking. After all, anything you measure, you can improve. Marketing dashboards summarize all the data your company collects and filters it all into one...

21 Nov 2022

close-up of a computer monitor, dashboard view of an ERP software enterprise resource planning, or a CRM software customer relationship management, charts, data and reports, graphic interface (3d render), concept for digital marketing dashboards
Tools Digital Marketing Dashboards: What They Are and How To Use Them

Whether you love or hate dashboard tools, in the digital age, they’re here to stay. Digital marketing dashboards are a group of central tools that marketing teams use in their day-to-day operations. In this article, we dive into the features of these vital data processing and visualization...

21 Nov 2022

Sticky note on blackboard, Weekdays, concept for using a social media content calendar in b2b tech.
Tools How To Use a Social Media Content Calendar in B2B Tech

Social media is the primary method of connection for billions of people worldwide. And a social media content calendar in B2B tech can be a powerful tool to organize posts, engage audiences, and grow your business. Having a social media content calendar for your B2B tech messaging...

15 Nov 2022

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