Target audience (marketing) concept. Businessman think about target audience and customers. Concept for b2b audience profile
Tools What to Include in a B2B Audience Profile

In the world of marketing and sales, understanding your demographic is crucial. Think about it. Trying to sell to audiences who aren’t interested in your offer is a waste of time and money.undefinedundefinedBut you can find your ideal business-to-business customers using careful demographic and psychographic information in...

7 Nov 2022

Image of a person's hand pinning notes to whiteboard, representing content planning, content planning tools for tech.
Tools 7 Essential Content Planning Tools for Tech

Today, every industry experiences intense competition to see who can push out content to the highest number of people, and the tech scene is no different. Every brand and business wants the coveted top spots on SERPs, viral blog posts, and more. In light of this, you...

31 Oct 2022

Two people looking at computer screen with data graph. Creating an audience profile sheet for B2B marketing.
Tools Creating and Using an Audience Profile Sheet for B2B Marketing

If you’re a B2B marketer, then you know that one of the most critical aspects of your job is creating content that appeals to your target audience. But many B2B marketers don’t realize that they must first understand their audience before creating compelling content. That’s where an...

27 Oct 2022

person holding a laptop on their knees with a red screen opening a seo traffic estimator
Tools SEO Traffic Estimator Tools to Improve Your Strategy

When you understand your potential SEO traffic, you can create a stronger content marketing campaign. That can help you generate more visitors to your site, increase your brand awareness, and create more quality leads for your business. However, estimating SEO traffic can sometimes feel more like an...

26 Oct 2022

woman in a white tshirt that reads bali baby sitting at her white apple laptop creating a newsletter content planner
Tools How To Create a Newsletter Content Planner

A content planner is a document or set of publication tools that help you reach your content marketing goals. Some brands use content planners to look at the broad overview of pieces they plan to create and schedule for various channels. But your team can also create...

24 Oct 2022

white woman speaking into microphone in front of laptop developing a podcast content planner
Tools What To Add When You Develop a Podcast Content Planner

A content planner is a group of organizational tools and processes that help you reach your marketing strategy goals. Some marketers think that planning and research only matter for written content, but the pros know better. All content you develop in any format benefits from careful planning...

21 Oct 2022

Image with paper planner and text note with "make it happen" to represent a content planning solution.
Tools What to Look for in a Content Planning Solution

In today’s fast-paced digital world, there’s no doubt content planning plays a critical role in achieving a strong online presence. Unfortunately, planning content can sometimes be overwhelming. From content research and analysis to creation and scheduling, the planning process can get complicated. Thankfully, the right content planning...

20 Oct 2022

bullet journal calendar highlights in yellow to represent a content distribution plan
Tools How To Create a Content Distribution Plan [With Template]

Content distribution is the process of sharing and promoting your content marketing pieces across various channels. Though the concept sounds simple, distributing your content to the right sources so your audience finds it in the right place at the right time takes a lot of strategic planning....

17 Oct 2022

View from above of a person's hand making notes on a calendar with the first months of the year using colored post it notes to highlight the activities. Concept plans and objectives, fulfillment of goals, B2B content calendar.
Tools How To Build a B2B Content Calendar in 3 Steps

In the world of marketing, we have more tools that we can keep up with. Between instant messaging, graphic design, and SEO research, there’s a tool for everything. With so much going on, it can be hard to keep your team in the loop. That’s where a...

12 Oct 2022

fashion magazine with beige high heel shoe and silver bracelets on top to show how to create a content calendar for a fashion brand
Tools How To Create a Content Calendar for a Fashion Brand

Fashion marketing in the digital age has so many moving parts. From influencer partnerships to lookbooks, this industry has used content marketing in new and creative ways for decades. With so many channels and opportunities for content marketing available, your brand can’t afford to go without a content...

12 Oct 2022

content planner open on white desk with hand and pen hovering overtop
Tools What Is a Content Planner and What Can It Do For You?

Thanks to brainstorming sessions with your team and data compiled from your asset sources, you likely have a lot of great ideas for your brand’s content marketing future. No matter what goals you want to achieve by pursuing content marketing, you can’t get there on ideas alone....

7 Oct 2022

Tools How To Use Competitor Content Analysis to Create Your Strategy

As a content marketer, you’re likely aware of competitor content analysis as a means to plan your strategy. Whether you want to work on specific keywords, break into new content areas, or redistribute your content publication strategy, competitor analysis is a valuable tool. With it, you can...

6 Oct 2022

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