KPI-focused content marketing means using data to drive decisions.

How to Hit Your KPIs

CopyPress can help you build a plan that exceeds your content goals

Achieving a Breakthrough in Content Marketing

Success in content marketing starts by creating clear goals and metrics. Hitting your KPIs will prove the value of your content marketing. We work hard to understand your content goals, and will create meaningful metrics to show how your campaign is performing. Whatever your content goals and KPIs are, we will build a campaign that targets your requirements.

How our Data Leads the Way

We use our own powerful software, Thematical, to build smart campaign data and insights, and create better KPIs for you. Thematical allows us to build targeted campaigns, and allows you to measure the results from your content campaign. This gives you valuable data on the success of your campaign that you can share in your company. Our proven campaign process will save you time and money. Instead of wading through topical data, trying to set baseline traffic forecasts, and pulling together analytics, you will have meaningful reporting with all your campaign data at your fingertips. Discover more how we can help you to plan and hit your KPIs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's get started!

Are all of my content KPIs achievable?

One of the advantages of building a content campaign with CopyPress is that we will analyze the content you are targeting and help you build a campaign that achieves your goals. As part of that process we will discuss the content opportunities you can target, and show you how to achieve your goals and measure your campaign performance.

What is Thematical?

Thematical is a content and keyword research tool from CopyPress. It uses data insights, machine learning, and a KPI focus to build keyword and content clusters on which to base your content ideas and strategy. This allows us to target content areas and achieve your KPIs with less effort. Targeting content this way means that you can use data insights to build your campaign. This helps you get your campaign off to a great start, and allows you to head where you’d like to be!

What KPIs should I focus on first in my content marketing? How do you know what will achieve results?

Depending on the performance metrics for your particular business, when we create your campaign we will be able to advise you of the best KPIs to focus on for your content campaign. For example you might be targeting visitors who then buy something at your site, or engagement and conversion metrics at a landing page generating leads. We will discuss with you how to achieve your content goals once we plan your campaign.

What areas of content marketing can CopyPress help me with?

We can help you to create any type of content as part of your content marketing campaign. We will always look at your content goals and KPIs and once we understand what you are trying to achieve we’ll be able to suggest the best type of content to achieve that. If you already know exactly what you are needing to create we are experienced in creating many different types of content including;

Blog Posts
Web Pages
Landing Pages
Product Descriptions
Resource Articles
White Papers
Content Syndication
Content Placement
Custom Design

If you’re ready to create effective content marketing learn more about what we could do to fulfil your content marketing goals for you.