Content Marketing

Content Marketing Pyramid

Recognizing how the different types of content work together to build your brand and develop your customer buying cycles will help you become a more effective marketer. It will also increase your sales because you will more effectively support your customers’ natural buying behavior and sales cycles.

More companies are recognizing the value of quality content marketing to build their brand and develop their customer buying cycles. People rely on quality content as part of their buying research and to gain deeper knowledge about a brand or topic. Placing the right content in front of a customer in a way that is easy for them to find while doing research makes them more likely to choose your brand when purchasing.

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This guide will help you to better understand:

  • When and where to use each different type of content
  • When not to use sales copy, no matter how good it is
  • The surprising real value of blog copy; it’s probably not what you might think
  • How and where to use evergreen content
  • Where to use sales pages in the buying process
  • The power of “grind content” that turns your email content drips and email lists into paying customers.
  • Establishing yourself as a topic expert in your customers’ minds

Customers reaffirm their commitment to your brand when they read content that is complementary to your other sales-driven content, and this type of approach to content continues to establish you as an expert in your field. This valuable guide shows you how to be sure that all of your content is working well together.

Learn more about the content marketing pyramid!

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