The Current Content Ecosystem

In 2016, we collected a survey to gauge the current content ecosystem. We surveyed 355 industry professionals to determine a conclusive and complete view of the current content ecosystem and how that industry will evolve over the next few years.

In this article, you will learn about what we concluded from our study of the current content ecosystem including: 

  • Content Marketing From an Agency Perspective
  • What Company Employees Think About Content Marketing
  • How Creatives And Freelancers View the Industry
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The Current State of Our Content Ecosystem

In 2016 we studied the current state of the content ecosystem and learned about it in the perspectives of Marketing Agencies, Company Employees and Creatives/Freelancers. You will hear the perspective of industry professionals on all three levels to gauge the current and future state of our content ecosystem. 

Learn about the Content Ecosystem!
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