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The Importance of a Site Crawl Analysis

While the idea of creating content that engages audiences and appeals to search engines seems exciting, some people feel lost when they need to improve back-end SEO through improved tagging, better indexing, and strategic redirects. One way to demystify this crucial part of the search engine optimization (SEO) process is by learning about common problems that many website administrators face. 

Explore how a site crawl analysis can improve your organic traffic, SEO, and overall interaction experience with visitors to your website.

  • What Is a Site Crawl Analysis?
  • What Issues Can a Site Crawl Analysis Find? 
  • How Often Should You Run a Site Crawl Analysis?
  • How to Build Site Crawls Into Your SEO Strategy
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Site Crawl Analysis: Why Your Website Needs One!

For some marketers, SEO tends to have two sides, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Someone with a traditional marketing background may struggle when faced with technical SEO issues. Once you know how to identify these problems and what it takes to fix them, technical SEO can seem less intimidating. This analysis will help you see exactly what issues you need to fix.

Learn how to perform a site crawl analysis!
Site Crawl Analysis Graphic

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