Using the HubSpot CMS To Power Your Content Marketing

Content marketing campaigns come with a lot of moving parts, but utilizing the right tools will help you streamline and simplify the process. Learn how HubSpot powers content strategies and makes project management more effective.

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What's in the eBook?

Get expert insights and actionable tips from Dave Snyder and Jennifer Nixon of WORQFLOW on using the HubSpot CMS to organize, launch, and manage your content marketing campaigns.

Topics discussed:
  • How to use HubSpot's CMS to launch and manage your brand's blog.

  • How to create lead magnets and landing pages using the HubSpot CMS.

  • How to create engaging newsletters using the HubSpot newsletter builder.

  • How to track your content and analytics using the HubSpot reporting tools.

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Meet the author!

Hi, I'm

Dave Snyder

With 15+ years of experience developing high-level SEO, social media, and content marketing campaigns, Dave has built CopyPress to be one of the most trusted content companies online working with brands like Car and Driver, Career Builder, and Indeed.

He’s helped companies scale multi-million dollar content budgets, developed organic SEO campaigns that drive millions of website visitors per month, and worked with agencies to increase revenue by expanding their content offerings.

Dave also specializes in building MarTech stacks that meet each company’s unique needs, including building customized workflow and data solutions.

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Your fractional content marketing agency
Your fractional content marketing agency

As a fractional content marketing agency, CopyPress provides full-service solutions to businesses and agencies across many industries, including recruitment, health care, tech, finance, and more.

Bolt-on solutions

Have you ever been between a rock and a hard place, where you need a full content marketing team but lack the resources to hire and train one?

That's what CopyPress does!

We offer a full bolt-on team of content specialists, project managers, and creatives to build, launch, and manage content campaigns.

Content Create

With Content Create, CopyPress empowers your content strategy with a unique blend of human talent and AI/ML planning software to scale your content production, build a strategy that generates lasting results, staff and manage your creative team, and execute sustainable marketing campaigns.

Authority Builder

Authority and expertise help consumers make decisions, improve organic search traffic, and drive brand recognition. Authority Builder by CopyPress helps you reap all the rewards of scaling authority-driven content, without all of the headaches.

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