How To Effectively Do Curation

When you create content, you naturally aim to share that content through social media. But do you know what curation is and how to do it effectively?

Learn how to understand the curation process and the tools needed to launch a strategy within your department by reading through this white paper. 

  • What Is Curation? 
  • Why Should You Curate?
  • How Will You Benefit from Curation?
  • How to Curate Effectively
  • Top Sites for Curated Content in 2016
  • Advanced Curation Strategies in Popular Brands

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Curate Effectively with the Help of Your CopyPress Experts

The more creative you get with your curation strategy, the more you’re going to use your relationships and internal resources. Imagine what can happen when the rest of the office takes an interest in what you’re doing. It takes one person to create, but a village to curate.

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