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Why Should You Have a Style Guide?

Creating content without a style guide can make the writing and editing processes frustrating. With the structure these frameworks provide, you can save your team time and effort when connecting content across your marketing channels.

If you haven’t quite nailed down your brand’s style and tone, download our free guide. In it, you’ll discover why a style guide is critical for establishing your brand’s unique voice and how this valuable resource ensures content remains consistent in all your brand’s messaging.

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  • What elements a style guide covers and how to determine what to include in yours.
  • How your brand and creative teams will benefit with a better developed framework for your marketing messages.
  • How to ideate, plan, and integrate a complete style guide for your brand’s content marketing strategy.
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The Importance of a Style Guide

Your style guide is a valuable resource for your company, but only if you invest the time to create it. This important document won’t just ensure consistent brand representation, but it’ll also ensure consistent, high-quality content even if you work with multiple creatives.

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