The Benefits of Open Source Software

The CMS that you choose today will determine the flexibility, freedom, and budget that your company has moving forward. From finding plugins or APIs that meet your needs to scaling your content for a growing audience, your CMS needs to support your goals. As such, marketers shouldn’t rush into choosing the type of CMS platform they want without first evaluating the benefits, features, and drawbacks of the various CMS options available.

This guide will review a few of the popular open-source software options on the market, including some you might be familiar with, and explain the benefits and drawbacks of open-source software over proprietary options. 

  • Options for Open-Source Platforms
  • Benefits of Open-Source Platforms
  • Cheeky Monkey Media’s Approach

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Open Source Software Benefits For Your CMS

You know you want to create a website, but have you thought about the content management systems (CMS) that you will build it on? You could choose a paid proprietary software with the specific tools for your needs, or you could choose an open-source model such as WordPress that will give you more flexibility. The goal is to arm you with the information you’re looking for to help you make the best decisions possible for your needs.

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