At CopyPress, we have a defined process for creating amazing infographics. Over the past years it has been meticulously revised and refined and now it’s time to share. Download the FREE whitepaper and start creating better infographics today!

With a little effort, you can follow our breadcrumbs and create amazing infographics of your own!

In this whitepaper we segment our infographic process into three groups:

  • The business team
  • The graphic design team
  • The audience who consumes the infographic

None of these people approach infographics in the same way, which can lead to miscommunication and potentially a bad customer experience. That is why we have developed a specific process to make the delivery of an infographic a smooth experience on the development side and the customer side.

As you read this document, we will demystify these three roles to help you and your team create something your audience will love. By following these steps, all teams should be able to work together to turn your infographics from tolerable to top-sharers.

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