With both Copypress’ and Pitchbox’s industry knowledge, we can help you master the art of publisher outreach. You’ll discover; How long should your subject line be? What day of the week should you send your outreach? How many follow ups should you send? and more by reading this whitepaper.

CopyPress has collaborated with Pitchbox to share our knowledge about publisher outreach.

Publisher outreach is not always easy. In this whitepaper, we explain how you can master the art of publisher outreach. We have broken down our whitepaper into:

  • What is publisher outreach
  • What are the benefits of publisher outreach
  • Pitchbox and the art of publisher outreach
  • Five data-proven ways to improve your publisher outreach
  • Outreach marketing requires qualitative and quantitative expertise

Influencer marketing and publisher outreach is the latest trend in content marketing. Have you started incorporating it in your marketing strategy?

After you read this whitepaper, you will be better equipped to improve your outreach campaigns or even start your first campaign.

You’ll have the knowledge to create a publisher outreach campaign that is set up to succeed.

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