CopyPress loves content marketing. We have the ability to work with the various key stakeholders in the industry and want to share The Current Content Ecosystem in hopes of continuing to improve content marketing. From the creator side to the buyer side, we want the content marketing industry to thrive.

From our whitepaper, you will be able to discover how others view the content marketing industry and where we are today.

The Current Content Ecosystem whitepaper explores the state of the content marketing industry from three perspectives

  • Freelance creatives
  • Marketing professionals
  • Enterprise marketing professionals

The content marketing industry has come a long way, but how far has it come exactly? What areas need improvement? Are enterprise and marketing professionals aligned with the creatives how produce the content?

As you read our white paper, we will explore the various viewpoints of the creator, marketing professional, and agency marketing professional. We discuss our findings from our State of Content Marketing survey as well as interesting statistics of each stakeholder.

By exploring The Current Content Ecosystem, we hope the content marketing industry as a whole can continue to grow and improve.

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