At CopyPress, we have refined our style guide process to create great, consistent content for our clients. Throughout the years, we have learned the significance of style guides and what needs to be included to create great content. Download the FREE whitepaper and start creating or improving your style guides.

Use our industry knowledge to improve your content creation process, decrease the amount of edits needed in content drafts, and create consistently great work.

This month’s whitepaper explores one of CopyPress’ greatest assets: a style guide. We’ve broken down the whitepaper into the following sections:

  • The importance of a style guide
  • Who uses style guides
  • How to create one

Creating a campaign style guide wrangles the pertinent details of your campaign and shares them with all parties involved in the content creation process.

Our whitepaper will take you through the process of why every campaign should have a style guide as well as how to create one and improve your content consistency.

Expand your knowledge with CopyPress’ style guide tips and learn to create consistent content with our whitepaper, The Importance of a Style Guide and How to Create One.

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