CopyPress and Intellifluence want to share our industry knowledge with you. We’ve teamed up to create this whitepaper to help you better connect with influencers, capture their attention, and start to increase your sales.

CopyPress and Intellifluence have partnered up to share our industry knowledge on influencer marketing.

In the “Determining the Right Influencer Type for Your Campaign” whitepaper, we explore:

  • What influencer marketing is
  • Knowing your three types of influencers
  • Choosing the right size of influencers
  • Step-by-step approach to gauging influencers
  • When to drop an influencer

While many industry experts consider influencer marketing the next natural evolution from traditional outreach and link-building strategies, influencer marketing is actually closely related to word-of-mouth promotions.

After reading this whitepaper, you will learn more about the various types of influencers and how to successfully create an influencer marketing campaign.

This whitepaper, “Determining the Right Influencer Type for Your Campaign,” will help you better understand influencer marketing to incorporate into your marketing strategy.

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