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Fulfill Your Clients's Content Needs With Ease!

Being able to anticipate and fulfill your client's diverse needs is part of being a great agency. Being responsive to your client is what sets you apart from other agencies, and it's one reason why your clients chose you in the first place. Now you can easily add your own-branded solution for content creation to your range of client services.

Happier Clients = Happier Agency!

It can take a lot of work to find and keep a great copywriter—someone who is able to match your client’s brand voice and hit your targets. Now add-in what it takes to edit the copy, do QA, promote the content. And even stick to a simple deadline…


We provide a fully managed content service. This means that you can focus on growing your content marketing offerings for your clients without having to focus on hiring a full production team. We will handle the entire process from brand voice style guide through to content delivery. This will save you the time and the massive expense of salaries associated with managing content programs. 

Our dedication to providing amazing service and quality means higher retention rates with your clients. This leaves your team more time to manage your client campaigns and strategy. All of which means happier clients for your agency!

How Can We Help?

Flexibly Scale Up or Down

Creating quality content for your clients need not be such a hassle! Previously, hiring a content production group within an agency could often be expensive and difficult to manage. Finding the right people who are available at the time you need them, staying on target and budget, and meeting your client deadlines can be a massive headache for you. It’s almost enough to even put you off offering content production services in the first place!

Partnering with CopyPress allows you to focus on serving your clients, all while being able to scale your content production needs easily to any level you need to on a monthly basis. We take all the trouble out of adding content production to your range of client services.

How Can We Help?

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's get started!

How long does it take to begin the process?

We’re ready to start working on your content campaign! You can expect a full proposal from us shortly after we understand your needs. At the start of our project together we’ll introduce your dedicated client success manager who will work with you on your content style and brand voice guide, which helps to guide us how we will produce content for your client.

How long does it take to scale up to full production?

Depending on the amount of content you need, we can normally start working on your project quite soon and scale up to full production shortly after that. We are always committed to building a high-quality team of writers and editors that already have experience writing in your client’s industry and have expertise in these topic areas.

Does CopyPress have writers that will understand my niche?

We have over 1,000 managed writers available that specialize in many unique topic niches. We are able to build the exact team of writers and editors for you, no matter how specialized your content topic or industry.

How does CopyPress ensure my expectations for the quality of content are met?

You are always able to check and approve any content before it is completed. We will always be happy to make any edits until it fits your expectations or requirements.