Content Marketing for Agencies

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“CopyPress gives us the ability to work with more dealership groups. We are able to provide unique and fresh content for an ever growing customer base. We know that when we need an influx of content to keep our clients ahead of the game in the automotive landscape, CopyPress can handle these requests with ease.”

Kevin Doory

Director of SEO at Auto Revo

Content Marketing for Agencies

Anticipating and fulfilling your client’s needs is part of being a great marketing agency. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it on your own. We focus on creating content, which allows you to focus on delivering expert marketing advice to your clients.

Experts To Serve Your Expertise

Finding a copywriter is only one step in content marketing. At CopyPress, we have a team of copywriters, editors, QA specialists, project managers, and content promoters too.

Whether your client wants consistent blog posts or product descriptions, we can help. We have the team necessary to make sure you deliver high-quality content that fits your clients’ styles and needs.

At the beginning of each campaign, we meet with you to go over your goals and scale for the project. We create style guides for content creation that fit your clients’ brand and vision.

To learn more about how we work with agencies, and how CopyPress can bring quality content marketing services to your agency clients, please get in touch to start the discussion.

We Can Do Even More

Do you need more than written content? We also have professionals to help with content promotion.

If you’re helping your client with a lot of projects, let us take something off your plate. You can focus on the client’s media buying or social media marketing. We’ll collaborate with you and handle everything to do with content creation.

Don’t waste time or resources on content marketing projects. Let our experts serve you so you can serve your clients.

Benefits of Agency Partnerships with CopyPress

CopyPress helps you help your clients through a variety of customized services. We provide the best quality service with attention to areas like:

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Content Topic Research

Through our content topic research, we find new keyword opportunities for your content strategy. We analyze your website and those of your top competitors that show us which areas to target. Then, our team works with you to create valuable, engaging content proven to improve your SEO and search rankings.

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Specialized Content Alignment

Each client account goes through an alignment phase before we start a campaign. Here, we develop test pieces for your and your clients’ review. This helps us refine each style guide and understand the brand voice so your clients get what they want, every time.

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Vast Industry Experience

You don’t have to limit your industry clients to work with CopyPress. Our creative team includes experts in a variety of fields. From finance and health to travel and recruitment, we build a content team to meet your clients’ needs, no matter the industry or field.

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How CopyPress Helps Agencies

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Improve Content Strategy

Working with CopyPress leads to improvements in content planning and strategy development. From keyword research and competitor gap analysis to forming style guides and creating content, we’ll help your team improve your overall content strategy to generate leads and boost your performance.

Develop Scalable Processes

At CopyPress, we have the tools and resources you need to scale your content marketing strategies. Our team of experienced creatives and industry SMEs will help you initiate the production process and scale content to align with your business goals.

Cut Promotion Costs, Not Quality

The Content Connect team acts as your personal content promotion service, meaning you can scale up without the costs of an internal team to execute your content promotion strategy. Our network of thousands of publishers gives you a head start.