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As busy marketing professionals ourselves, we understand the need to have good quality content created with very little of our own time invested. With that in mind, CopyPress is offering you the unique ability to try out our content writing services for FREE! This one-time offer allows you to get a good look at how CopyPress can help you scale your content production and maintain a level of quality that your customers expect.

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How do I get my free blog posts?

Each content campaign starts with a detailed Creative Brief. This brief helps us get a better understanding of who your company is, and what your content goals are. The more information included in these briefs, the better we are able to craft content in your voice and tone, and make sure we adhere to brand messaging.

Once we have this brief we will need you to sign our standard MSA (Master Service Agreement). This agreement outlines that CopyPress will be creating content on your behalf. Again, this offer is completely FREE and there is no financial obligation included in this agreement.

And that’s it! These two items are all we need to get you rolling on your FREE content campaign.


When will I get these posts back to me?

Given that ours is a standardized process, it is important that we follow all of the preliminary steps in order to give you the best content possible. The CopyPress content process includes:

  1. Copy Questionnaire (Once received, we being the content creation process)
  2. Custom Style Guide (Based on your questionnaire and any stylistic preferences you communicate with us, we will create a custom style guide for the writers and editors to use while creating your content)
  3. Content Ideation (Have ideas for your content? Great, but if not, generating fresh content ideas is included in our pricing)
  4. Writing (Once ideas have been approved, or provided, our writers will begin drafting your content )
  5. Editing (Upon completion, writers will submit content to the editing staff, who will then fine-tune your content pieces)
  6. QA (Following any edits, your content is given to a QA team member who will check the content piece against your style guide to make sure it matches, and will also conduct a Google Clean check for duplication)
  7. Content Delivery (Once QA has approved your content for delivery, it is put in a zip file and ready to be delivered to you via email!

And now you’re ready to post your awesome new content!


Let's get started!

If you’re interested in starting a Free Blog Post campaign, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in contact with you very soon!

“Each new project is practically turnkey”

Bari Cener - Director of client services, White Space Marketing Group

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