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How to Achieve All Your Content Creation Goals

Let CopyPress build and manage a team of writers, editors, and quality assurance for you

Content Marketing Delivered

We want your content marketing to be a success! Rather than leave you to work out how to achieve that or figure out the best way to use a new platform, we always connect you with a dedicated Client Success Manager at CopyPress. You will never have to deal with an unknown customer service agent. Your Client Success Manager will be involved in your proposal creation, campaign planning, and the actual production process. You get a single point of contact, working as an extension of your team, and managing your content campaign from beginning to delivery.

Your Content Marketing Made Simpler

You may already wear many hats! And the complexities of managing effective content creation and achieving the results from it could be the most complex of the hats that you wear. CopyPress will help to take the pressure off by managing your entire content campaign from beginning to delivery. We’ll provide you with a complete content creation team and you won’t have to spend hundreds of hours digging through data, hiring and managing writers, editing and revising content, and packaging it all up for publication. Allow us to take the content creation hassle off your plate. Learn more about how we can make your content marketing simpler.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can CopyPress write in the style of our brand?

Yes, and we’ve a lot of experience in doing that with companies and agencies and their clients. We will work with you to build a brand style guide for our content project so that the quality of our work and the quality of your in-house work are the same.

What topics can CopyPress create content about?

We can build a team of skilled content creators around any topic or niche that you need or your customers are interested in. We are able to tap into over 1,000 quality writers on a wide range of content topics and levels of expertise so that you can be assured of creating engaging content about even the most specialist of topics.

How much content can CopyPress create?

Once we’ve built your content plan and you approve that we can quickly scale up to create many hundreds of regular articles in your field or niche. If you need more content and want to scale up your campaign we can add to that as necessary and create as much content as you need.

How do I control and approve the content creation process?

You always have ultimate control over the content that is published on your site and you always have the final approval and control over your content. You will have the final set of eyes on your content before it is published, and you are able to make any changes to your content. After all, it’s your content!

What types of content can CopyPress create?

We can help you to create any type of content as part of your content marketing campaign. We will always look at your content goals and KPIs and once we understand what you are trying to achieve we’ll be able to suggest the best type of content to achieve that. If you already know exactly what you are needing to create we are experienced in creating many different types of content including;

Blog Posts
Web Pages
Landing Pages
Product Descriptions
Resource Articles
White Papers
Content Syndication
Content Placement
Custom Design

If you’re ready to create effective content marketing learn more about what we could do to fulfil your content marketing goals for you.