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  • Is AI-generated content as good as human-created content?
  • What about SEO; what does Google say?
  • Can human content ever scale in the same way as AI content?

About This Special AI Content Webinar

There’s a lot of buzz around AI content! In our own recent LinkedIn poll, a whopping 56% of content marketers said they were already using AI content creation or were thinking of using it. A mere 15% of content marketers said they had no plans to use it.

Businesses need quality content and AI content is here to stay. The promise of clicking a button to generate content on any topic is appealing. And let’s face it, how can humans ever create content like a machine can, 24/7?!

Join us at a special webinar where we share all you need to know about AI content generation. Register now and secure your place as there are limited spots.


    Every Tuesday at 1pm and every Thursday at 8pm Eastern time.

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Dave Snyder CEO, CopyPress Content Marketing Expert
Joe Sinkwitz CEO, Intellifluence Guest Speaker on AI & SEO
David Cross Marketing Director, CopyPress Webinar Host