About the Recent Google Core Update: Webinar Registration

This webinar will help you to improve your SEO by understanding what the Google Core Update means to you as a content marketer.

  • Learn how Google’s changes affect and shape your SEO.
  • What to do if you’ve been negatively impacted.
  • How to communicate with your management about what these changes mean to your business.

About This Special Google Core Update Webinar

There’s always an inherent anxiety around Google core updates! A feeling that Google moved the goalposts… yet again! Learn from three experts how their recent update affects businesses and content marketers.

Join us at a special webinar where we share all you need to know about the recent Google Core Update and what you can – and should – do about it to future proof yourself. Register now and secure your place as there are limited spots.


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Dave Snyder

CEO, CopyPress

Content Marketing Expert

Brian Chappell

Founder, Adapt Marketing

Guest Speaker on Google Core Updates & SEO

David Cross

Marketing Director, CopyPress

Webinar Host