How to Use Search Intent for Better SEO

This webinar will help you to improve your SEO by creating better quality, targeted content.

Businesses want high quality search traffic to visit their website. And you want to provide content that fulfills your website visitors.

Search engines consider how well your content fulfills your visitor’s search intention. This will help your site grow in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Understanding a visitor’s search intent will help you to create content that accounts for the human factor; the mental and emotional reasons behind why they searched.

One purpose of marketing is to understand your customers. Understanding your customers’ search intent will help to guide your content marketing strategy and improve your SEO.

  • Learn how search intent affects and shapes your SEO.
  • What are the different types of search intent?
  • Is keyword intent different from search intent?
  • Research tips to uncover your users’ search intent.
  • Learn how to optimize your content for search intent.
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Dave Snyder

CEO, CopyPress

Content Marketing Expert

Greg Gifford

VP of Search, SearchLab

SEO Specialist

David Cross

Marketing Director, CopyPress

Direct Response Marketer